New DVD Club Offers Inspiring Films
Dedicated to Improving Our Planet
By Jill Mangino
Now more than ever, people are making conscious lifestyle choices whether they are changing to eco-friendly light bulbs or driving a hybrid, the “green movement” is here to stay. Along with the demand for green products, many are clamoring for “green” entertainment that not only informs and uplifts us but reveals the issues affecting our personal well-being and the health of planet earth.

Earth Cinema Circle’s new subscription-based DVD club co-founded by GAIAM is launching to meet this growing demand for films with powerful and inspiring messages.

Hosted by environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr., Earth Cinema Circle (ECC) will offer hard-to-find family-friendly films focusing on the environment, wildlife, eco-travel, sustainability, healthy “green” living and heroes fighting to solve environmental challenges we all face.

Earth Cinema Circle is using 100% recyclable and biodegradable eco-conscious packaging. Designed to make the smallest environmental footprint possible, the lightweight, tough and resilient packaging is made from 100% post-consumer waste, printed with soy-based ink.

Bi-monthly membership in Earth Cinema Circle costs only $17.95 every other month (plus $4.95 domestic shipping and handling). In addition to receiving a new volume every other month (films, documentaries and features), subscribers can visit the website and connect with a community of like-minded individuals, as well as access filmmaker interviews, upcoming movie reviews and information on how to personally make a difference. They will also receive “The Green Scene” E-newsletter.

For more information about Earth Cinema Circle please visit

The Judeo-Christian Response to the International Phenomenon ‘The Secret’

By Dorrit Ragosine
The Secret Things of God, which is based on the book by best-selling author, psychologist and radio personality, Dr. Henry Cloud (Boundaries), debuts on Fox Home Entertainment DVD March 11.

Exploring the Judeo-Christian perspective of ideas outlined in Rhonda Byrne’s top-selling book and DVD, The Secret, Dr. Cloud offers a different view of the universe by discussing biblical passages that give direction for creating a successful and fulfilling life.

It also features supporting views from spiritual leaders including Rabbi Jonathan Aaron (Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills) and Reverend Dr. Mark Brewer (Senior Pastor, Bel Air Presbyterian Church), Christine Ferrare and Dr. Drew Pinsky, Professor of Psychiatry at Keck/USC and host of the popular “Loveline” radio show.

Dr. Cloud’s insights as both a psychologist and student of spiritual life are for anyone who has a desire to connect with God and learn tools to manifest individual dreams, true joy, inner peace, sustaining hope and powerful purpose.

The Secret Things Of God DVD is available at local video stores.

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