Do You Long to Feel Part of
Something Greater than Yourself?
The Stream Offers A Chance to Break “I”-Barrier
By Helen Hillix



Many of us desire to go beyond the domination of our egos and to experience Oneness. In an upcoming event, participants will actually break the “I”-Barrier together in an experiential way.

“Breaking the I-Barrier… Becoming Oneness” is the theme of an afternoon program to be held in North County, San Diego on Sunday, April 6. Offered free of charge by The Stream, a spiritual community based on Oneness and Mutual Support, this event will enable participants to deepen understanding of the ego/“I”-Barrier and acknowledge the pain of the ego-based universe. Then we will break the “I”-Barrier together.

During the program, members of The Stream community will work along with all participants to co-create an experience of Oneness. They will be using proven techniques including the use of chi, sound and our collective spiritual connection.

All Stream programs help participants change their paradigms, heal emotions and clear themselves energetically, allowing a full flow of chi, so that they can connect to powerful spiritual forces supporting our planet.

“We all long for Oneness and the experience of being part of something larger than ourselves,” said Stream spiritual director Beth Green, who will be leading the program. “By coming together in a spirit of mutual support, we can achieve intensified experiences of Oneness and support our whole planet to start moving beyond the ego-based universe. Let’s break the I-Barrier together!”

“Breaking the I-Barrier… Becoming Oneness” will be held from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at The Stream’s beautiful spiritual center in Bonsall. For the address and directions, please call (760) 941-8215 or visit the website:

The Stream is a non-profit  educational corporation with programs that are helping redefine what it means to be human. It offers monthly spiritual services, workshops, Living with Reality, individual counseling, intuition training, mutual support programs, a weekly free Healing Hour, energy work, special events, LifeForce and more.

For more information, call (760) 941-8215.

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