Turn Up the Volume on Your Inner Voice
By Lisa Cherney



Who knows your body better, you or your doctor? Interesting question. How do you have faith in yourself, especially in the face of “experts”? When I have faith and true trust in myself it looks like this:

• I know all my actions are in divine order

• I trust that what I feel to be true is actually true 

• I don’t question my judgment

• I know if feels like a “failure” there is a lesson to be learned

• I don’t automatically put the advice of others above my own

That means not even doctors. That means not even the auto mechanic and the business consultant. You know, it’s those folks who you think have more expertise then you. “They went to school for that.” How do you trust yourself over them? It starts with turning up the volume on your inner voice, which takes practice. Start with small things like where to park. Enter a lot and ask which direction to turn. Go with the first thing that comes to you. Even if another car just went in that same aisle. See how you will find the perfect spot. See how someone will pull out right after the other car in front of you passes the spot. It’s AMAZING! 

Another way to practice is to ask about the best way to spend your time. You know, when you have X amount of time and 10 things to do. How do you decide which to do? Check in to your intuition and see what it says. Then go with it. See how the timing works perfectly, you miss the lines at the post office, catch all the green lights and then bump into an old friend who has the perfect referral for the accountant you need.

Logic Is Our Ego
Being in business is the same way. We often put an expert in front of our own intuition; or worse, we just fall back on logic. Logic is our ego’s way of making us think instead of feel what to do. For example, when an opportunity comes our way it’s common to feel we should take it. (Especially if our bank account appears to be dwindling.)  We think, “I can’t afford to not take it.” But, we don’t know what’s around the corner. We don’t know what miracle will find us. Last year I turned down teaching a six-week workshop because the fee wasn’t in alignment with what I’ve come to learn I’m worth. It didn’t feel good. The next day I was offered a one-day workshop paying the same amount! 

Here’s another example... Right now my ego doesn’t want me to write this article. It’s saying, “You need to write something more relevant to your business. You have to be practical.”  Now, I can choose to listen because that sounds very logical, but my true inner voice, the one that is really me, says this is what I am meant to share. (Especially because it feels risky.)  I have trained my inner voice to be louder then my fear-based voice. The more I learn to listen, the louder it gets!

Yes, this takes risk. Yes, you need to pay your bills. Yes, you feel like you need to be “smart” about your business. All of these are wonderful reasons to ignore your intuition and go with logic. But, what if you didn’t? What if you trusted, asked for what you wanted, saw it in a visualization, and then allowed it to come forward? You can back it up with a business plan and expert advice, but start with yourself first. This is what this “expert” tells her clients.

Trust Yourself
The bottom line is about taking risks and trusting yourself. Trusting that you have those thoughts for a reason, trusting that you have those feelings for a reason, trusting that you know what to do always and sometimes just don’t take the time to listen. We trust other more “qualified” people above ourselves because their voice is louder than our own inner voice.

Now that I am a mom, I am acutely aware of what I want to teach my daughter; so I am trusting myself even more. I want her to know that whatever aisle she chooses to drive down in life, she will find the perfect parking spot. That whatever idea she has will be a success or lead to the next success. She may experience “failures”, but she will know that the lessons she learns are why she is there and why she chose that aisle. This is also what I want for you. Turn up the volume on your inner voice. It’s time for your idea, your business, your service, and your passion to be a gift to the world. We are waiting to receive it! 

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive, Marketing Consultant and President & Founder of Conscious Marketing™. If you want a business full of passion and profit visit www.ConsciousMarketing.com or call (888) 771-0156.
© 2006 Lisa Cherney

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