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Bringing Spirituality into Material Life
By Heidi Bonisa



Why are we driven to addiction — to food, drugs, alcohol, work, love, control, approval, caffeine, spending, anything? And how can we achieve the relaxation and well-being that frees us? The Stream, a spiritual organization centered in North County, is holding special events in San Diego in coming months.

Sex, Drugs or the Source: How to Release Stress and Achieve Ecstasy will be held in Rancho Penasquitos March 4, free of charge. Spiritual Director, Beth Green, will speak on how we can naturally achieve the feeling states of energy, relaxation and ecstasy we are seeking through our addictions.

Clothing the Spirit: Blending Fashion and Spirituality will be held at the Encinitas Community Center May 6, admission is $15. Women will have a chance to connect to their spiritual selves and select clothing expressing that connection.

These events, plus The Stream’s many ongoing programs, help people bring spiritual energy and practices into their daily lives and redefine what it means to be human. We thought it was time to introduce our readers to The Stream and Beth Green.

Heidi: Beth, tell us about yourself. I recently heard that you have strong spiritual powers and have impacted the lives of many people.

Beth: An intuitive counselor and spiritual teacher since 1980, I have published several books, written music, founded The Stream (1983) and originated the Living with Reality and LifeForce programs, among others. I am privileged to be highly intuitive and to communicate with powerful spiritual energies. As a philosophical pioneer, teaching about collective consciousness and the evolving universe since the early 1980s, my work has always been a bit out of step. Now I have the inner strength, spiritual maturity and well-being to handle working with large numbers of people. I don’t know if The Stream is meant to expand outward, but if it does, I trust my inner work has prepared me to use my gifts in service to the source and not to my ego.

Heidi: Why do you say The Stream is helping redefine what it means to be human?

Beth: Many of us have experienced spiritual connection or even bliss — but often these experiences have been compartmentalized from our everyday consciousness, where we remain reactive. At The Stream, our work permanently transforms us, so we are more relaxed, aware, expanded, happy and free, no matter the circumstances. We integrate the spiritual and material worlds, connecting with other dimensions to more fully function in this one, enjoying higher consciousness while remaining fully rooted in the reality of daily life.

We offer programs and practices that free us from the mental/emotional and energetic blocks to connecting to the source and staying connected. We use our heightened spiritual power to help others elevate their consciousness, so that more of us become grounded, yet expanded, not only in the moment of intense intentional spiritual connection, but throughout our lives. We help one another fulfill our potential as individuals and as a collective, a potential most of us can’t even imagine until we experience it! And we achieve states of consciousness we never thought possible for ourselves or human beings.

Heidi: Do people embrace this new way of experiencing themselves?

Beth: Yes and no. Most people define themselves in very narrow ways. By experience and instinct, we are caught in the “I” universe, where fear still dominates. While this reality exists, we are also capable of an expanded self that feels calm, relaxed, sourced and part of the oneness. When we achieve this state, we experience ourselves as clear and sometimes ecstatic. But achieving this state can also result in an internal backlash. The fear of the unknown, the fear of being different and alienated from human society, the fear of change and of breaking free — these comprise the undertow that drags us back into familiar and habitual constricted states of being. Our programs provide continuing support for us to move forward through these reactions, not just in the moment, but permanently.

Heidi: What programs do you offer?

Beth: Our offerings are wide and deep, covering body, mind and spirit. We offer individual counseling, energy work and food plans — ways of eating that we intuit for individuals based on their needs. We also offer intuition training and monthly spiritual services, and a videostreamed mind/body/spirit exercise program called: LifeForce: The Inner Workout, available daily for free on the Internet ( But the heart of our offerings is the Living with Reality program.

Heidi: Tell us more about Living with Reality.

Beth: Living with Reality is a three-legged program that changes how we think, how we feel and how we are. The three legs are a book, a workshop series and a mutual support program.
First, the book. There are nine platforms or spiritual practices we use to shift our relationship to ourselves, one another and the process of living. These practices are very real to us, because we learn how to live them in our everyday lives. The Living with Reality book delineates these platforms in great depth. It is a handbook for living from higher consciousness, that helps us create habits that enable us to overcome our destructive fear and ego-based responses. The book is available as a free download from our website, or you can purchase it from us at our cost.

The workshop series teaches the platforms and helps us clear our emotional and energy selves, so we are capable of relaxing into our relationship with ourselves, others and the process of living. The higher levels also teach us how to move into ecstatic states.

These workshops are intense, intimate weekend experiences, where our staff uses its intuitive and spiritual powers to help each participant make deep and permanent shifts in their emotional and energy states. The results are phenomenal. People report that they have greater daily well-being, relaxation, inner power and creativity and that their choices are made with greater integrity and freedom from the domination of fear and anxiety.

And finally, there is the ongoing mutual support program, which is free of charge. People read the book and do the exercises together, and through so doing, support one another to move forward in consciousness and relaxation.

Heidi: What is the goal of this program?

Beth: To learn to face life’s fear and pain without reactivity, so we can live in a state of relaxation, awareness and joy, achieve the greatest well-being possible, and fulfill our potential as individuals and as a collective. What makes this program unusual is its power to integrate spiritual experiences and states of being into everyday, moment-to-moment living.

Heidi: Where are you located?

Beth: Our spiritual center is located in Bonsall among giant oaks and a stream. The mutual support meetings are available via conference call, and individual counseling and food plans are offered by phone, as well as in person.

Heidi: How would our readers get more information about The Stream?

Beth: Visit for information about our programs and history. LifeForce Online, our daily mind/body/spirit program, can be accessed at 

If you have any questions or want more information, please call Helen Hillix, Stream Director, at (760) 941-8215. We would love to hear from your readers.

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