The Great Beginning
By Rev. Susan Chamberlain



“For it matters not how small the beginning may seem to be:what is once well done is done forever.”
Henry David Thoreau

In these troubling times, human beings often feel helpless and hopeless in regard to what they can do to help turn things around in our world. With wars waging, enormous poverty, genocide, and threats of pandemics on the planet, often it appears overwhelming and impossible for an individual to make any difference, but there are those who believe differently.

Scientists, mystics, spiritual masters, and progressive thinkers all over the planet are directing their energies to inspire and promote individual human endeavors to heal our planet of warfare, violence, and global environmental degradation. Many of them refer to the time in which we live as a challenge for human evolution to make a “Quantum Leap”.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences refers to this time as a period where the raising of human consciousness is a “must” to SHIFT into a new type of future where life will transcend the old paradigm of warfare, conflict, and separation from nature, and emerge into a new paradigm of peaceful cooperation, environmental stewardship, and global healing.

There are obvious dangers inherent in the world, where conflagrations are threatening to burn out not only vast populations of life on Earth, but possibly all life, with the sophisticated technological weaponry we humans have developed.

Never before in civilization as we know it, have so many of our species been so determined to overcome and destroy perceived enemies no matter what the outcome may be.

It is a frightening thought for those of us who wish to see life on planet Earth thrive and advance in consciousness, those of us who yearn for a world where hands are joined in fellowship, and hearts are bonded in peace.

Even many of the great cultures, such as the Mayan and Aztec, foretell of a time to come in 2012, where time as we know it will cease, and a new day will dawn for our world. Whether or not there is a wisdom in the calendars of ancient and indigenous peoples which foresees such a time in the near future, or our own awareness of global issues prompts such assessment, there are what spiritual philosopher, Andrew Cohen, calls a “significant minority” who are inspiring an awakened humanity to take action through individual and collective efforts to raise the vibratory energy on our planet to one of peace, love, and compassion.

Individuals such as Deepak Chopra with his Alliance for a New Humanity groups throughout the world; Andrew Harvey and his message of Sacred Activism; Marianne Williamson, founder of The Peace Alliance, and author of “The Gift of Change” — these are just a few of the people in our midst who are asking us to embrace change, to face the issues of our times, and to borrow a Gandhi quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

No longer can issues be divided one from another as Chopra expresses in his book, “Peace is the Way”, for all issues are “environmental” in that they impact the earth and all of creation.
Warfare not only destroys human lives, but thousands of other life forms as well; it degrades the air and waterways and destroys the resources upon which life depends.

Conspicuous consumption of our natural resources and pollution of our biosphere with greenhouse gases, as well as waste generated by human populations of the planet, are impacting creation in a negative way that points the finger to a time of great natural disasters, droughts, and cataclysms.

But in the midst of all these tensions and possible doomsday scenarios, there is that “significant minority” of individuals and communities growing every day in many nations — individuals who recognize that there is no “us” and “them”, but only “US” — all of us, all of life on Earth as One Interconnected Consciousness.

Our job then is to make our lives a message we carry out into the world through individual and collective means, that we are all part of The Great Web of Being, and as Chief Seattle expressed, “Whatever happens to the web of life happens to us all.”

There is no guidebook on how to solve the world’s problems, but as we go out into the world with the consciousness of Oneness, and take action to contribute to life, we carry a powerful energy of transformation. So, in the face of what some are calling “The End Times”, we become the emissaries of light ushering in “The Great Beginning”.

Rev. Susan Chamberlain is an interfaith minister at Common Ground Interfaith Spiritual Center in Tustin, where she has begun “Sacred Ecology”, an Earth Ministry dedicated to awakening the awareness of God’s presence in all of creation. She is a board member of the Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment. For information, email:

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