By Kay Walburger
Jesi Silveria Paints Portrait of Mother Earth’s Splendor



The magic eye of Jesi’s camera enables her to catch the magnificence of Earth’s grandeur. At a recent showing of her latest travels through the western mountains, plains, and coasts of North America, guests to the showing were heard audibly ‘sighing’ and ‘oohing and aahing’ as they saw in living color Jesi’s poetic portrait of Mother Earth’s bountiful beauty.

Awe filled everyone there! The breathtaking beauty of Earth’s grace and exquisite splendor experienced by this multimedia presentation transported the group through time and space and set them into scenes of cascading waterfalls or desert sands with exotic flowers blooming at their feet. They were whisked away to mountaintops to look out over vistas that defy description.

Every setting was more enchanting than the last. Earth is a ‘shape shifter’ that takes delight in treating her human family to daring diversity and multiplicity that lifts and inspires their spirits. She speaks of a love for all life through her vast capacity to indulge the scenes of all creatures, large or small. 

Jesi’s poetry was punctuated by fiery sunsets and majestic mystic moonrises. There were emerald reflecting pools found in concealed and surprising places, and monoliths striped with strata’s of time-told epic stories. Caves and sculptures, carved by winds and waters for eons, amazed our eyes as we marveled at the works of art by an invisible artist. Moody waters for the libation of Earth’s thirst, nourish her flora and fauna, captured by Jesi’s artistic vision and sense of art and drama in vignettes of bliss.

Is it a wonder that Jesi is so inspired to write poetry and create words and music to sing her songs of love for all Earth’s children, as her own heart is so full of awe and appreciation for the privilege of being storyteller and witness to Mother Earth’s majestic majesty! 

Nature’s De-“Light”
My Journey into the Heart of Mother Nature started as soon as I was able to crawl.
It was as simple as being in the open air, under the canopy of her blue skies
then it became as challenging as climbing the peaks of her mountain ranges,
for the reward of expansive views of her lands…

It’s now as simple as exploring the treasures to be found,
as in the exquisite flower blossoms in her deserts
Or as challenging as sailing in her high winds over the deep blue seas, that exhilarates me.
Yes, I have been there more than once, yet she keeps calling me back to explore more.
I fall in Love with Mother Earth, time and time again,
as her Light dances over the natural Landscapes.
It’s the Love in my Heart for her Nature that draws me
to the Heart of her Magnificent Beauty, and in many ways
energizes my Spirit and revitalizes my Soul.

I’ve had a personal fascination with Mother Earth
that started as a very young child.
I had an inner sense that it was the lifeline
that connected me to the creative Source of Life.
For me, it’s a sacred relationship that has evolved
by taking the time to spend the time, in quiet solitude, in the womb of her loveliness.
I’ve strolled among the trees in her Forest, listening to the whispering of their wisdom
and I’ve heard rhyme in the rhythm of her tides, walking along the Oceanside.

Mother Earth, in all her moods, tantalizes my senses.
She shows beauty to my eyes and I capture it to preserve her image.
She shares her fragrance in all things.
I smell the ocean mist, the dryness of a canyon,
the freshness of mountain air and the sweetness of all the flowers,when in bloom.

She speaks her own language that I have intuitively come to know.
I hear the winds whistle and whirl, as they bring clearing and change,
The melodies that birds sings charm me, the babbling of a brook soothes me,
and the crashing of waves comfort me.
I love the warmth of the sun on my skin,
as well as a cool brisk breeze, for it truly enlivens me.
I still find myself drawn to discover new lands and there are seas I have yet to sail.
All in all, it’s Nature’s DeLight that I seek,
for it fulfills me in countless ways, along the Journey of my Life.
© JESI 01/07

Jesi recalls, “I began my career in the photography world as a lab technician and then I managed a photo lab business. This has given me a strong foundation in understanding and controlling color, saturation and density to create a quality photograph. After acquiring my first camera, I felt destined to be a photographer and I am largely self-taught in this field. Recently my studies include fine art, film and TV production at several noted colleges, expanding my wealth of knowledge.

“With camera in hand and a natural ability, I began to record the places I traveled while developing my eye for composition and playing with natural light accru-ing in scenic images. During the 90’s I started my own business and became a freelance photographer, doing model portfolios, weddings, events and specializing in environmental portraiture.”

Jesi confesses to ‘wanderlust’ for world travel, seeing and experiencing Nature in all her countless moods and passions. “My camera became an extension of my senses, documenting and illustrating many majestic memories. At first I kept my art and poetry to myself, however, after the urging of several of my dear friends, I have agreed to show my passions for art and nature to all the world!”

“I was born in New England, and traveled all over the East Coast from Maine to the Caribbean Islands. My travels have taken me on several trips across America. In 1991 I moved to California resuming my personal quest to see all of Earth’s glory. My gypsy spirit has guided me along the West Coast, exploring and photographing faraway places from the San Juan Islands to Mexico, then Alaska to Japan. I always visit national parks filled with vast vistas and outdoor delights. I have compiled a collection of vibrant, enchanting images that show a true magnificence of the outdoors.”

For information or to commission Jesi to film, photograph, or video, call Photography By Jesi at (714) 878-2199, e-mail  or   Also visit:

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