ONE Vision
By Robin D. Duncan, CI, Exec. Director,
The Miracle Center of California



In a magical land, not so far away, there’s a place you can go and people will help you just because they want to. They will ask for nothing in return… no money… no tip… no energy exchange… not even a trade. They understand that there is no real separation between them and the people they help. Their compensation comes from offering a generous act of love, and then love is returned to them multiplied abundantly. Imagine receiving this kindness from a stranger, with a sole desire to be of service and a sole purpose of helping you find your power again.

There is such a place and it is unfolding before us. We are pleased to announce The ONE Center, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Initially, The ONE Center will serve as a global resource for FREE services. The services will be for those who cannot currently afford those services. Additionally, The ONE Center will serve as a call center for booking appointments around the globe.
The dark night of the soul can be long, empty and sad indeed.

As each one of us makes the inward journey to reveal our Divine essence, we are oftentimes confronted with every fear thought we have ever had. This inward journey can be far less frightening and less time consuming with the willing help of another soul. In time, I suspect every soul will make this journey, for it is in our DNA to wholly realize and actualize our Divinity.

This is a call for love in action. If you are a Healing Practitioner or a Service Provider who offers a service that could benefit someone in need, we ask you to become part of our ONE Center Global Network. To be part of the network, we ask that you donate one session per month (in your area of expertise) to assist a fellow soul and help them along their way.

Whether you are a healer, psychotherapist, massage therapist, barber, lawyer, taxi driver, accountant, doctor, veterinarian, personal shopper, gardener, housekeeper, mechanic, artist, babysitter, word processor, handyman, carpenter, or any other service provider, we would greatly appreciate your joining our service network.

With people helping people… one by one… we expect the time for healing and raising of consciousness to be dramatically reduced. All services would be conducted at your place of work. All appointments would be processed by The ONE Center and structured to meet your guidelines or time requirements. Your bio and business will be prominently displayed on:

We would be pleased to have you join us in the official launch of our website and call center (which is coming soon). If you are interested in donating resources to this worldwide effort, we welcome your participation. In gratitude, your name will be displayed on our global website as a Founding Contributor.

Please call (714) 282-9174 for more information.

Once the call center is fully operational, we will move to Tier 2 of our vision. The ONE Center will provide Affordable Holistic Housing Communities for Seniors.
Our ONE vision is to honor our elders, offer them a safe and affordable place to live, to provide delicious organic food high in nutrition, and to create active housing communities that are self-contained, environmentally friendly and economically sound. In other words, it is our desire to provide our Seniors a safe, loving, holistic, healthy place to live that is relatively self-contained and self-sustaining.

If you would like to join The ONE Center Global Network, or contribute as part of our Founding Team, call (714) 282-9174.

Robin D. Duncan is an Instructor for The National Guild of Hypnotists and Executive Director of The Miracle Center of California and The ONE Center, Inc. The Miracle Center is a School for Hypnotherapy, offering private sessions and classes to the public based on A Course in Miracles and curriculum from The National Guild of Hypnotists. Visit: Call (714) 282-9174 or toll free (888) 773-9174.

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