By Jesse Anson Dawn



Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young

Jesse Anson Dawn, author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most  stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question:
How does “aging” become, as you call it, a “self-fulfilling prophecy”?

Dear Readers,
Just as people CAN create the choice of living in an environment that suits their consciousness, we can also personally re-CREATE our body to fit a perceptive vision.

To experience an example of how perceptive vision can immediately affect the body, just close your eyes for a few seconds, and then imagine yourself kicking a beach-ball that is lying on the ground..... Did you feel your leg twitch just after picturing yourself kicking the ball? Surely you did, because the mind first visualizes, and then the body follows.

But let’s look at how this see-first/do-later imagery works in regard to aging, as clarified by this passage from Maxwell Maltz’s classic book — Psycho-cybernetics:

“I have no doubt that you could take a healthy man of 30 and within five years make an ‘old man’ of him, if you could somehow convince him that he was now ‘old’, that all physical activity was dangerous and that mental activity was futile. If you could induce him to sit in a rocking chair all day, give up his dreams for the future, give up all interest in new ideas, to regard himself as ‘washed up, worthless’, unimportant and non-productive, I am sure that you could experimentally create an old man.”

And yet what Dr. Maltz describes as a mere experiment in is fact done as the common, everyday conception of “aging” which prevails throughout the globe. Unless we are taught a different plan.

Inevitably we spend time making plans, perhaps plans for a new surge in business, plans to fix something in our home, or plans for a vacation, whatever, but we spend a lot of time formulating some kind of vision for the future. But rarely do we hear of a plan for how we’re going to look and physically function in future years, how we plan to look and feel perhaps five or ten years from now.

And although such a body-plan may seem like useless speculation to some, it’s hardly useless if we consider this duo of important truths:
1.     The primary function of the human mind is achieving physical goals.
2.     The human mind is the most powerful goal-achieving device on this planet.
But to go about achieving desired physical goals, the mind needs to perform much like a soaring eagle in search of a landing point — willfully zeroing-in on a desired outcome.

Aiming to zero-in on a healing while supplying a dosage of effective information, just as I told legendary movie director John Huston at his home in Mexico (while I worked on his afflicted lungs with what I call mindpower massage): “We must plot out our own life expectancy plan, John, with mindpower as the key, and truth as the cure-all...”

And maybe even with my help, despite his team of doctors telling the gravely ill (with emphysema) 77-year-old Huston that he had only a “few months” to live, he went on to live several more years — plus direct two more commendable movies. With the second of Huston’s (doctor-predicted “post death”) films winning his daughter, Angelica, the Academy Award, duly given for her bitingly satirical role in Prizzi’s Honor.

But let me emphasize though, that the type of “hands on” healing I gave to Mr. Huston (and many others) is just a sideline I utilize on specially planned missions, while my usual work is trying to teach people to effectively heal themselves, whereby it’s realized that REJUVENATION AND HEALING IS ONE IN THE SAME MENTAL PROCESS.

And via the rejuvenation/healing process that aims to take my research to a new level of clarity and effect, I find I have set my sights on achieving —

“Birthday” numbers mean very little to me because I have a body-plan of my own — a plan tuned into the universe and not merely low-level arithmetic — a working plan whereby I, THE TRUE YOUTHMAN, continue to look little more than half my numerical age (just as any accurate photo of me verifies). And to continue halving the effects of “normal” aging throughout this amazing journey which is my life, simply means maintaining my Creative Energy (CE) system just as I have for decades.

And as far as I can see, the only way my CE Plan will slip down into the sinkhole of “normal aging”, is if I somehow slip down into that Skeptic Tank — ouch — that place of hardcore doubters who insist things like the “fact” that a bumblebee can’t fly because “aerodynamic principles” say its wing-span is too small to lift its body. But of course bumblebees never get indoctrinated by “scientific facts” about whether they can fly or not, so they just go ahead and freely do it anyway.

Yes, “freedom is something which must be practiced in order to exist,” wrote Charles Reich in his wonderful book, The Greening of America, and I couldn’t agree more. For if we practice inner liberation instead of fearing it, maybe we can advance from what people now refer to as the “Nuclear Age” onto what I have come to call the Mindpower Age — an age whereby we begin to open minds enough to truly grasp what Ralph Waldo Emerson meant when he said: “What dwells behind us and what dwells before us are small matters compared to what dwells within us.”

But in order for what is “within us” to truly effect one’s healing-rejuvenation process, remember it greatly helps to be in-tune with what is all around us...

Jesse is presently on a long sabbatical in the Philippines, thus he’s not readily available for his Hawaii island seminars. He can be communicated with in Asia by emailing

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