Quantum Edition
Three (double) DVD Set
What do religion and science have in common? If we see only what we know, how can we see anything new? Part drama, part documentary, with inspiring visual effects and animations throughout, the Quantum Edition goes far beyond the original “What the Bleep!?” movie to give us 13 hours of new material, including extended interviews as well as a “quantum randomness” option extending the rabbit holes to entirely new levels.

The film covers a wide range of theoretical, religious, mystical and scientific thought with hypotheses that are interrelated in regard to the questions of who and what we are, and in relation to the physical as well as cosmic world around us. Throughout the course of this film, the distinction between science and religion becomes increasingly blurred, since we realize that, in essence, both describe the same phenomena. The discussions throughout question fundamental assumptions and beliefs about life, our existence, and the interconnectedness of all things.

Just over 15 experts in the fields of religion and science: physicists, neurologists, molecular biologists, spiritual teachers and mystics, are interviewed in documentary style and interspersed with the main “story drama” of Amanda, played by Marlee Matlin, who finds herself like Alice in Wonderland, leaping down rabbit holes, symbolizing and discussing those situations in life which we fear and that intrigue us the most. These rabbit holes represent a quantum world of presumed fantasy and reality.

Space and time geometry equals the fabric of our universe. In conclusion, science is the bridge to spirituality. This film intrigues and will leave you with even more questions and debate on the paradox and puzzle that is our universe.

Offered by Lord of the Wind Films, LLC, this DVD set is available at your local bookstore or at www.whatthebleep.com

Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard


Stillness Amidst the World
By Eckhart Tolle
Book and Two DVD Set
In the spring of 2004, author Eckhart Tolle led a two-day retreat at the spiritual community in Scotland known as Findhorn. About 300 people attended in order to hear and learn his message. The attendees lived in the magic of every moment, with nature, so that they could learn to access the deeper dimension within themselves, allowing spiritual growth. The book, which contains beautiful, crisp, colorful and inspirational views of Findhorn, and the DVDs, which run a total of approximately four hours, are a lovely record of the event.

If your mind is still, you can sense the peace that emanates from the earth. Tolle explains calmly, with lightheartedness and humor in some instances, that as humans, we allow ourselves to be at the mercy of compulsive thought, analyzing experiences and things rather than simply allowing ourselves to be. Stepping out of this often chaotic, frenzied and overly analytical state is vital in order to allow the still momentum of our mind to come through. He encourages us to stop letting our mind interfere and to just be, stressing the joys of looking at nature and being in the moment in our most simple daily tasks.

Have you ever discovered how your negative thoughts subside when you pet your dog or play with your child? Tolle provides tools and inspiration that will help you benefit from this calm, happy and peaceful state, where we find the inner dimension that is deeper than thought.

Published by New World Library, this book and DVD set is available at your local bookstore or at www.newworldlibrary.com

Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

FOX Home Entertainment
The movie, Conversations with God is faithfully based on the life of Neale Donald Walsch. It focuses intensely upon the period of time when Neale was descending into homeless status, and is a riveting portrayal of a man whose ego is slowly — and painfully — being eroded so that something finer can flow through him. Ultimately his journey is a healing one, eventually leading to the publishing of the enormously popular Conversations with God books.

The movie is an excellent telling of this epic story of spiritual realization. As Cate Montana, our What the BLEEP newsletter editor, said: “It’s amazing what Spirit has to put us through before we are ready to listen.” All the elements of great storytelling are here — fine acting, photography and direction — combining to maximize the impact of this very human story. And because it is so effectively told, it is a story that I have gone back to in my mind for days afterwards.

On a more personal note, there are really two people behind this film. The one in front of the camera (as acted by Henry Czerny) is Neale. The one behind the camera is producer/director Stephen Simon, who has been on his own journey to get these films made for decades. Stephen has produced spiritual movies, written books and created a new way of distributing films via the Spiritual Cinema Circle. For his unrelenting passion to make this all happen, we fellow filmmakers are most grateful.

Conversations with God is now available on DVD from FOX Home Entertainment.

Reviewed by Will Arntz


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