Celebrate Earth Day 2007
with Eco-Friendly Fashion
By Julie Nash



Ecoland, Inc. launches their Organic Cotton Lines for Women, Babies and Toddlers Just in time for Earth Day 2007.

Unsettling thoughts and signs of global warming, extreme pollution levels and water shortages have become prevalent in today’s society. With such alarming realizations, many people are now taking a look around at the state of the world and realizing there must be a positive change. Earth Day 2007 is an annual time of celebration for the environment as well as a time to convey the message of eco-friendly living!

Ecoland, Inc., creators of 100% organic cotton clothing lines for women, babies and toddlers, is helping to celebrate earth day in fashion by developing lines of clothing using organic, environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

Ecoland, Inc. has taken steps in the development of their clothing lines to not only benefit the consumer who will enjoy wearing their super-soft, high-quality threads, but also to benefit the farmers, who without organic farming would be forced to work in fields potentially filled with harmful chemicals and pesticides used during production. With conventional cotton using nearly 25% of the world’s insecticides and more than 10% of the pesticides, there’s an alarming need and desire for organic cotton clothing.

With environmental issues and awareness being brought forward, the healthy and organic lifestyle has been thrust into the mainstream. Eco-Conscious consumers now want to purchase products that are ethical, healthy and good for the environment. Ecoland, Inc.’s clothing lines encompass all of these positive qualities.

“I believe that living an organic lifestyle is the most important thing we can do to protect our health and our environment,” states Ms. Tracy Leung, owner and co-founder of Ecoland, Inc.

Their lines include classically-designed, super-soft pieces made exclusively from the highest-quality 100% SKAL certified organic cotton. Following a strictly-regulated organic growing process, items are manufactured in a sweatshop-free environment and packaged in a recycled paper boxed printed with soy ink.

Ecoland, Inc. clothing lines are available at retail locations including select Whole Foods, Wild Oats and Earth Fare stores. For additional information visit www.ecolandinc.com

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