By Rev. Sandy and Kirk Moore



Rev. Sandy and Kirk Moore are the co-founders of the Center for Universal Truth in San Juan Capistrano. They established this New Thought spiritual community to bring individuals of various religious and spiritual faiths together so their lives could be empowered by applying practical principals.

This column has been developed to allow people the opportunity to seek additional answers about spiritual insights. If you would like to ask them a question, please send it to the Center for Universal Truth, 27121 Calle Arroyo Suite 2200, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675, visit  You can also reach us at (949) 481-4040.

Q: I always create a list of New Year’s resolutions or goals. What would you consider to be the most effective approach in achieving my desires.
Marty Rollins
San Clemente, CA

A: First and foremost, it is very important that you have clear intention on what it is you want. Clear intention is the foundation for manifesting your desires. Once this is firmly planted in your mind, you might want to consider certain daily practices that will assist in creating results. Meditation is an excellent spiritual practice to commune with Spirit and have your thoughts take form.

Also, it is important to do affirmative prayer on a daily basis. This is the practice of affirming through prayer that you already have what you desire and it is in your life as you speak it. Then release it in love and gratitude to your higher power. There are many other avenues for manifesting, but I find these two the most powerful.


Q: I am having some major challenges with my financial situation. It is very difficult to meet all my financial needs. I pray and ask for help but the situation does not seem to improve. What am I doing (or not doing) that causes this hardship in my life?
Beth Charles
Irvine, CA

A: It’s interesting that this question comes up with so many individuals. Our principle is that our life experience is an out-picturing of our core beliefs about the issue with which we are confronted; in your case, finances or abundance. There are many race-conscious thoughts about abundance and financial matters. As much as we may pray or ask for guidance from a higher source, we still embody at some level an old thought or belief about money.

Most of us growing up heard phrases from family or friends like “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “money is the root of all evil”, or “there’s never enough to go around”.  So there is a deep-seeded idea that there is lack. In truth, we live in an abundant universe and there is more than enough Good for everyone if we believe it is so.

I suggest you create some daily affirmations about prosperity and know you are deserving of this abundance in every area of your life. Look within yourself, at a deep level, and replace those old thoughts with thoughts of God’s Good and open your heart, mind and arms to receive what is yours.

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