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Dear KRS,
I think I am suffering from burnout. I have been working on my own as a consultant for six years, highly motivated for most of that time and reasonably successful.

In recent months, I seem unable to find the motivation to complete my assignments. I can barely bring myself to write my reports until the deadline is almost upon me. I lack interest in the subjects and do everything I can to procrastinate getting down to work.

I am trying to find a job within an organization so that I will be “required” to work — and hopefully have more motivation. But I am not sure that is really the answer. I should mention that I take anti-depressants, and these keep my mood stable, but they are apparently not a solution to this problem.

Is this burnout? How does one deal with burnout?
Burned Out Entrepreneur


Dear Burned Out,
You have a pretty good overview of your situation. Yes, it would seem that you are a victim of burnout. Things that were interesting to you suddenly do nothing. If this is the case, you can very likely take control, turn things around and stop being the victim.

The first cure for burnout is a break. Take a vacation for as long and far away as possible. No laptops, no business calls, no business literature. Hopefully you have, or can create, financial resources to do this. If you are like most entrepreneurs, you have likely taken very few vacations so this may be just what the doctor ordered. It often is just that simple.  

You might also explore what happened at the onset of your burnout, besides too much work — a death in the family, relationship problems or anything else?  If yes, work towards resolving the issue (in addition to taking a vacation)  I don’t see a job with forced structure and deadlines the solution since you have enjoyed your consulting work in the past.

Finally, if you haven’t already, you might discuss your medication with your doctor. Sometimes just a slight adjustment can get you back on track. Hang in there. You are obviously a talented, sensitive person the world needs.


Dear KRS,
Should I eat three main meals or just one or two meals with snacks such as fruit, cheese and bread in-between?
Three Meals Necessary?

Dear Three Meals,
Eating three meals per day is a good place to start when in doubt. To many people this is a completely new concept. They never think about guidelines and eat any time there is food around. However, after making the simple switch to three meals, many have impressive weight loss results.

On the other hand, at some point, each person should be able to make an honest assessment of what works best for him or her. For many, the “grazing” technique you describe works best, as long as it is not used as an open-door policy of “any food, any time”. 

Finally, a little nutritional comment — I wouldn’t include cheese or bread on your “regular snack food” list — too much fat and refined carbohydrates.


Dear KRS,
I really don’t like to run, but I heard that abdominal exercises alone won’t give me a nice stomach. Is this true or is it just another exercise myth? Also, how do you get rid of “love handles”?  Is there a specific exercise I can do to get rid of them? Thanks for your help.
Hate Running but Want Flat Abs

Dear Want Flat Abs,
There are many other forms of exercise besides running that will burn fat. Pick any one that you enjoy (or dislike least) and do it.  And yes, to reduce your stomach, you need to do something aerobic (fat burning) along with your stomach exercises. Love handles diminish more from overall body fat loss than from specific “spot” exercises.

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