A Call for Conscious Souls to Heal Mother Earth
By Lindy Anne Nisbet



We talk so much of honoring all beings, yet it is our home, our majestic garden planet, Mother Earth, who needs our foremost attention at this crucial time.

Mother Earth needs conscious souls that live in peace to carry her into the next phase of evolution. She has plans to evolve with or without our help. The time of being Her willful children is over. We must grow up.

The ramifications of sitting on the fence and letting the other guy deal with environmental problems is now affecting us all. Time is running out to reverse the situation. Do we really want to leave a devastated planet and a compromised life to our children’s children?

Nature is beautiful and kind,
She is always on my mind,
But I’m afraid she’s getting ill,
She is suffering an oil spill,
Her ozone layer comes to mind,
It’s getting very hard to find,
She’s got a fever (global warming),
She’s getting hotter every morning,
She has congestion, acid rain,
She says she has an ocean pain,
She has pollution, nonbiodegradables;
Her trees have been made into chairs and tables.
Her rainforest lungs are getting smaller,
And smoke stacks are being built taller.
She’s sick and if something’s not done fast,
Mother Nature may not last.

— Eric Hodge, age 10

Reprinted from “Mandala” by Judith Cornell, PhD, 1994

Join a cleanup group for our beaches and parks, give money or simply clean up your neighborhood. These are small starter methods of beautification that many are doing. These are practical approaches yet there are three radical things you can do right now that will make the ultimate statement to large corporations doing the bulk of the damage to the environment in our name:

1. Vote with your money.

Simply take your money and spend it at farmer’s markets where they are farming locally and organically. Refuse to patronize fast food chains that are ruthlessly cutting down the rainforests, which are the lungs of our planet. Stop consuming too much. Be mindful of what can be recycled and what cannot, and then buy it and recycle it. Be a conscious consumer. Vote with your dollar. Walk away from the corporations that are continuing to ruin our home.

2. Vote with your feet.
Drive your car less. Carpool to work. Pull out that bicycle; pull on your walking shoes. Get out in the fresh air. Connect with nature. The more you appreciate Her the more you will protect Her. The more precious Her presence feels to you, the more you will see the interconnectedness of all beings. Then, you will understand that we are Her guardians. Her health is our responsibility and if everything is interconnected, our health is directly related to Hers.
This will also free you from paying high gas prices and it will lessen the car emissions in the atmosphere. Connect with nature by walking or biking and improve your health and the health of the planet.

“Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the Earth
are never alone or weary of life.”
— Rachel Carson (1904-1964)

3. Become a vegetarian or a vegan.
This will make the biggest difference. Practice harmlessness with all beings including yourself. Your health is suffering. The animals are suffering and ultimately our planet is suffering as the large corporations level rainforests and clear-cut acres of pristine, unspoiled land to raise cattle. Without a demand for beef, the ravaging of our planet will cease.

Websites to check out:
Center for a Livable Future: www.jhsph.edu
Earth Share:  www.earthshare.org

Lindy Anne Nisbet is a spiritual counselor, a holistic health and published author of “Outrageous Detour.” She is a vegan/raw fooder and can be reached at (949) 722-7723 or spiritjam2003@yahoo.com   Visit: www.amusinglightlibrary.com

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