The Impeccable Warrior of Light
Wisdom Teachings for Spiritual Protection
By Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song



Most people shower every day. Imagine if you didn’t. What if you went years without showering? You would stink and there would be a thick crust of dirt on you, right? Well, since the vast majority of people don’t cleanse themselves daily of the negative energies they pick up, imagine how loaded they are with all kinds of negative vibrations. This does not necessarily make them a bad person, but it does make them an easy target for more negative forces, since they are already allowing ‘bad’ company to hang around them.

Some of the most sensitive, sweet people are the most loaded, since birds of a feather flock together, meaning one negative energy invites two more and those two invite eight more, you then have a dinner party of negative forces. A downward spiral keeps building as they start to get more and more out of control, tearing apart your temple.

But if you cleanse yourself and your home each day, if you connect with your Angels and Protectors through your prayers and offerings, then it is easier to have a strong aura and faith to help you block out sinister forces.

If you love yourself, you feed your body healthy food each day, so the nutrition can protect you against disease or hardship due to illness. In the same way, you must keep up your spiritual strength and vitality by cleansing the mind, body and spirit of all debris the negative forces may have deposited upon you.

Remember, they will try to move you away from your light, into the darkness, as much as possible each day. If you let them, before you know it you will find you are no longer inspired to do your altar work, prayers, offerings, songs, rituals or whatever practices connect you to your source of Light.

Negative energies can infiltrate your life in such subtle ways that you may not even perceive the little ways in which they are chipping away at your spiritual discipline. Without realizing, they will slowly nudge you little by little into complacency and a false sense of security; where you find you suddenly have the perfect justification to do your spiritual work later. You might succumb to such thoughts as, ‘I’m too tired’ or ‘I’d rather watch television.’ You may even justify it with such reasonable excuses as wanting to do your spiritual practices when everyone has gone to sleep, telling yourself you can then do it with more attention.

In this way you set yourself up perfectly, only to discover that you don’t do it once everyone has gone to bed, it doesn’t work out the way your mind rationalized it would, and days, weeks and months go by without giving yourself or the house the protection it needs.

One woman shared that her daughter told her on several occasions they needed to smudge the house. Yet, each time, the mother replied they were in a rush, that she wanted to cleanse it later when she could do it thoroughly. The little girl recognized that the dark forces were blinding her mother to how desperately the house needed it and felt an overwhelming urge to protect her family. After a fist fight erupted in their home, the daughter went ahead without her mother to cleanse the space thoroughly and upon seeing this, the mother finally woke up to how layered her house was with negative visitors.

In the second woman’s case, I noticed some hardness had started to settle in her and saw how she was distancing herself from her practices more and more each day. I did many prayers for her to wake up. Later on she shared that during that time period, her little three year old had been asking every day if they could do the house cleansing mantra. But the mother would always reply that they did not have time to do it thoroughly and would do it at a “better” time. Is there such a thing as a “better” time to rescue yourself from drowning?

My teacher, Don Jacinto, has trained me in the Mayan Sacred Therapy the western world calls Soul Retrieval. In Mexico and South America it is known as a Limpia, which literally means, “cleansing” but is considered to mean spiritual cleansing. (For further information on this technique see Chapter 8: “Mayan Soul Retrievals”).

One day, a gentleman who had been trained in Shamanic ways for many years came to me for a Limpia. He believed he needed a thorough cleansing because he felt an evil presence stalking him.

The man does hands-on healing and has a successful practice. During the session it was confirmed he had a few entities attached to him. I asked if he knew how to protect himself and when he responded he did, I was surprised. I asked him how it was then, that he wound up in this condition and he replied he could not remember exactly how or when he had stopped maintaining his protection shield.

You see, the negative forces will convince you that you do not need to be consistent in performing your daily practices. If you are not paying attention, you will not even notice the lax attitude slip in.

Anytime you see or feel illness, weakness, hardship etc., move into your surroundings, you need to get to work cleansing and fortifying your mind, emotions, body and spirit, if you do not wish to go on a domino-effect downward slide.

Once you find yourself experiencing similar conditions, it is best to get help from those who are experts in these cases. However, daily vigilance will help you avoid pitfalls. As we go through the following, let us keep in mind that in the spiritual view, everything always has its positive side.

If we get attacked or possessed by some destructive force, looking at the situation from the big picture, we see that we always learn something of value in the process. Thanks to the episode we emerge stronger, wiser and now have experience we can draw on to help others.

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song has been bestowed by the Celestial and Earth Forces to bring healing balance to humanity through her power-filled Prayer Songs, Sacred Ceremonies and Teachings. This article is an excerpt from her new book, “The Impeccable Warrior of Light: Wisdom Teachings for Spiritual Protection”. For more information, visit    e-mail  or call 1 (866) 987-3223 (PEACE).

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