Enlightenment Radio Network
Creates Global Butterfly Effect!
By Kay Walburger



“I saw ‘THE LIGHT’ listening to Enlightenment Radio Network, Live on the Internet!”
“We are Love Radio, not Hate Radio. We speak from the Heart. We are Authentic. There is an abundance within us and outside us, and we are all open to tapping into it,” reminds Ed Shiang, the creator of, live on the worldwide web!

He invites you to listen to the various radio programs. If something resonates, explore it further. If it doesn’t, try something else and perhaps come back another time. The radio studio is a quiet, almost sacred space, created by many people. When you listen, it helps to get into a quiet state of mind so you can truly tune in to what is being created.

Ed Shiang was born in Winchester Massachusetts, near Boston. He went to college at MIT in Cambridge, earned an engineering degree, worked for a couple of years, then came to Los Angeles, earning an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. His parents were born in China and came to the United States to study and work a few years before the communist takeover. They met in Chicago and due to the revolution, stayed in America and raised five children, of which Ed is the youngest. His father was a chemical engineer and his mother was a schoolteacher.

“The greatest gift my parents gave me was the belief that someday I would find true happiness. They believed education was the first step, followed by a good job, a wife, home and children. I had no reason to doubt them, and for the first 40 years of my life this was the path I pursued.

“I pursued it with a passion. I believed the right job would bring me complete happiness because that was what I had been taught.

I also believed if that I made enough money I would be happy. So much so that over twenty years I changed jobs over a dozen times, thinking all I had to do was find that one job that would bring me complete happiness, or at least a job that would bring in enough money to make me happy. I went from corporate jobs to starting my own companies, back to corporate jobs, then to small companies, and back to being an entrepreneur. I never found the happiness I was “promised.”

“I was living up in Portland, Oregon at the time (not only did I switch jobs but I kept moving around thinking that would aid in my search) and about a year into my thirteenth venture, I decided it was time to go to the Portland Library and do some research. This really must have been an act of desperation because I don’t think I had cracked open one book (other than business books) over the previous twenty years.

“I saw a lot of self-help books, religious books, and philosophical treatises. I was above self-help books, didn’t believe religion was the answer, and thought philosophy was too high-minded. Maybe I didn’t want to tax my brain, but I knew I didn’t have time for anything that looked complicated.

“I was about to leave the library when something caught my eye. The title began with “... made easy.”  That began my four-year journey towards enlightenment.

“In the fourth year of my journey, I became a public radio host of the Enlightenment Project at KUCI, out of the University of California in Irvine.

“One day I was in San Francisco and saw a poster advertising “21 days to Enlightenment.” The next day I attended the seminar and discovered many people who had gone through a similar transformation process, but through a different route. I then turned my radio show into a research project examining different paths to enlightenment.

“What I discovered was pretty amazing. I was not alone. Based on my limited research, I realized that there may be tens of thousands of enlightened or awakened people in the world. I meet them every day, each with a different story to tell. This motivated me to start a web-based radio network called The Enlightenment Radio Network, to get these stories out. Soon after, I started,, which is radio for the masses, by the masses, or for anyone who has a passion and wants to share it.”

Interested in Becoming a Host?

There are several hosting categories:

The first is a personal enlightenment host — helping people find a way to achieve personal well being. You can be an expert with a particular modality or you can be someone who is curious about a particular modality and would like to help us explore it further.

The second is a host who will bring enlightenment to a particular subject. Here you may interview someone with a special wisdom, knowledge or experience who can share some insight with listeners.
The third is entertainment — reading, telling stories, playing original music, or sharing information such as preparing healthy foods, or creating a healthier environment to live in, etc.

Programs are typically weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, one-half to one hour in length. The times are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, beginning with a three-month agreement and then month to month.

You can host a show from your own desktop or laptop computer, or your telephone. You can help the Butterfly Effect Happen!

 For more information, contact Ed Shiang at the Enlightenment Radio Network (714) 953-5581 or (949) 933-0336. You may e-mail:   Visit  or

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