on Frequencies of Brilliance
By Robert Ross



“Frequencies of Brilliance” . . . has a certain ring to it. An image of brilliant shining diamonds — vibrating — filled with luminous energy, a brilliant energy comes to mind. But the phrase Frequencies of Brilliance, in reality, is closer to depicting a shimmering flow of energy rather than luminous shining diamonds.

And the Frequencies? After an hour on the table with practitioner Efren Solanas, the experience was not only profound and other worldly, and elicited a state of energy (or frequency) that was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

When I first read the ad, it sounded mysterious enough to attract my attention. “The Frequencies of Brilliance is a potent, sacred process with unlimited potential for healing and spiritual expansion” the ad stated. It went on, “it is a multidimensional work that reconnects us to our natural heritage: deep peace and spiritual wisdom.”

It all sounded a bit vague, but I was curious. After all, who would not want to be “reconnected to their natural heritage: deep peace and spiritual wisdom?”

As a part of my research, I visited the Frequencies of Brilliance website at  According to the website, “Frequencies of Brilliance is a process that opens you up to receiving birthing frequencies of remembrance that activate all cells throughout the body, awakening new areas of the brain, completing DNA repatterning, and emerging into a new truth and frequency of reality.”

I’ll be the first to admit that “emerging into a new truth and frequency of reality” sounds a bit farfetched, but for me, the proof is in the pudding. So, via phone and e-mail, I arranged to have a session with Efren Solanas.

Efren works out of his home in Solana Beach, California. His home/office has a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean from the front porch. After removing my shoes, I entered Efren’s home. It was somewhat like entering a sacred temple. The carpet was Berber-like, light brown in color. The walls, a darker brown color, appeared newly painted and were a perfect match for the carpet. The room was sparsely, but nicely, decorated with a massage table as the central focus. The mood created was one of calm and comfort. After greeting Efren, we talked a bit about how he became involved in this type of work.

According to Efren, “In 1999, a good friend of mine invited me over for tea, eager to tell me about an amazing experience she had at a retreat. When she opened the door to greet me, she looked different. I could not say exactly how, but it was evident something amazing had happened.” A few days later, Efren had a phone conversation with a stranger who, out of the blue, suggested this same “energy” work. It was as though life were pointing Efren in this direction. Shortly thereafter, he attended a lecture and demonstration by Christine Day, founder of Frequencies of Brilliance (and AMANAE).

According to Efren, “I experienced a very potent flow of energy through my body. It was the first time I had ever experienced this sort of thing.” A few months, later Efren was enrolled in a five-day workshop to experience this work on a more intense level. In the following years Efren went on to become a practitioner and eventually to train others to become practitioners of Frequencies of Brilliance.

When I asked what prompted him to make a career out of Frequencies of Brilliance, Efren stated “Christine invited me to enter into teacher training in 2002, I knew that I was being given the opportunity to touch many people, to open the doorway to healing on a far larger scale than I could achieve by treating individual clients. My objective has always been, no matter what career label I wore, to communicate love, to offer healing. I truly feel that this work offers just that in a form so very pure, so luminous.”

For me, as a client, the Frequencies of Brilliance process was straightforward. I laid down on a massage table, face up. Efren had me remove my shirt. During the session he would touch, lightly with his finger tips, the area between my rib cage. He would also touch, again very lightly, the temple area.

Shortly after the session began, Efren used sound, (referred to as toning) as a part of the Frequencies of Brilliance practice. It was a loud sustained note, repeated, like a chat in singing. It was a bit eerie at first, but the sound managed to do the trick. Before long I felt myself going into an altered state. My body felt very heavy, as though it were wrapped in a lead blanket. My head felt flushed and very warm. My session lasted about an hour.

Apparently, no two experiences are alike. One of Efren’s clients described the experience as “a surreal sensation, I felt as though I was immersing into an ocean — like a universal ocean of calm, and it kept going deeper and deeper. From that space, the energy changed, and I began going through a vortex — I really don’t know how else to describe it, it was like going through a portal and it felt like I was traveling with great speed, through “asteroid” type particles which swirled around the vortex with great velocity.”

Another client described her experience: “With a seat belt injury from being rear ended in December 1994, I received an injury that I was never able to correct through chiropractic or acupuncture. This injury felt so old, I had accepted its pain as part of my life. I never mentioned it to Efren.

After the first session, the back of my lungs felt heavy. That night I felt some aching and the next morning the area of ache was localized around the seat belt injury. I continued to be aware of changes occurring in my body for more than 36 hours after the session. Then, almost miraculously, my back stopped hurting. It feels as though the injury has been corrected. Pretty amazing!”

The following days after my Frequencies of Brilliance experience I noticed a difference in how people responded to me. It’s hard to explain. People just reacted to me differently. For example, at the dentist, when the work was done, the dentist and dental assistant usually would say their good-byes and we would all go our separate ways.

But this time, the dental assistant left my chair in the prone position, and proceeded to chat about current movies and various other subjects for a good ten or fifteen minutes. I was held literally captive! Was she, at some level, sensing a different energy or frequency in me? These little subtleties played themselves out in the following days after my healing session.

My experience with Efren Solanas and Frequencies of Brilliance was multifaceted and engrossing, to say the least. As I left my session, Efren explained how he was off to Argentina for a ten-day training, then on to Brazil, Belgium and a training in the U.S. Frequencies of Brilliance is understandably becoming a worldwide phenomena and destined to grow in the coming years.

If you are drawn to alternative types of healing, Frequencies of Brilliance is definitely worth looking into.

Efren Solanas can be reached at:  or by phone at (858) 350-0434.

Robert Ross can be reached at:

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