Create A Love Day!
By Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck



Let this be an official “Love Day!”

Rather than waiting for someone else to create intimacy, or feeling bad about not being loved as much as you’d like, take the initiative and be the one who creates intimacy and celebrates love.

In other words, be proactive in creating love. Rather than waiting for someone to love you, create love yourself. You’ll feel surprisingly loved by doing this. That’s one of the big secrets of love. What you give out will return to you. And you’ll create way more love on the planet!

Here are seven ways to be a proactive lover on Love Day — or any day.

1. Ask a love question to friends and even strangers.
Love questions open hearts instantly — and they are fun! Here’s what you can do. No matter who you see today, ask one of these questions: “What is the biggest thing going on in your life right now?” Or, “What’s going on in your heart today? Or, “What are you most passionate about?”
When they answer the question — and most will — respond with a listening heart. Say, “Tell me more” or “Thank you for sharing.”
Notice how quickly intimacy occurs. And notice it occurred because YOU were proactive in loving.

2. Share the top 5 ways you are most lovable.
Take a moment right now and name to yourself your top five qualities — such as humor, insight, joy, intelligence, playfulness, caring, etc.
Then give these top five qualities as your Love Day gifts to everyone you see all day long. Just exude and radiate these love qualities.

Notice what happens as a result. Your heart is going to feel full and satisfied because you are expressing your highest love self. What is more fulfilling than that?

3. All day long, think of yourself as an energy field of Love.
We are all energy fields. Be aware of yourself today as an energy field of love. Welcome everyone into your energy field and embrace them with your love.
Notice what occurs when others feel your love energy. They will feel love’s presence — and all because YOU are being proactive in loving.

Let your energy field of love move out to strangers and people all over the planet you don’t even know who are desperate to experience love. Your energy field of love can make an enormous difference to others.

4. Call the three people closest to you and tell them you have a love gift for them.
We are all waiting to be loved. Well, who’s going to do the loving if we’re all waiting? So call at least three people you love today and openly tell them three things you most appreciate about them.
Speak with sincerity and like you mean it. You won’t believe how much they will appreciate your love. And how good you’ll feel.

5. Ask someone you are close to, “What is your biggest dream?”
This is such a powerful way to love someone proactively. Everyone is so busy that we lose touch with our dreams. Who has time to care about our dreams? YOU do!
Be bold and ask someone... “What are your biggest dreams?” When they share, let them know how just much you cherish their dreams.

Then ask yourself the same question, “What is my biggest dream?” Be prepared to share this as your gift to the universe as well. If they don’t ask, share it anyway. Or know we are cherishing your biggest dream right now.

6. All day long, speak from your heart.
 Let your proactive love be in charge today. Live, breathe, and speak from your heart rather than your head. Say things like, “It feels good to talk with you,” or “I like sharing time with you.” Let your heart be open.

When others remark how good it feels to experience your love energy — and many will — tell them you’re trying to create more love on the planet and you want to begin with them.

7. Enjoy being proactive with love.
There is so much joy in loving proactively. It enables us to rise out of sorrow, depression, waiting, yearning. Regretting, or anger. Proactive love calls you into your highest self. And this is your true self. This is the love we all want to receive.

Being proactive in creating love moves you into the space of living as a Love Master — an expert in creating a love environment everywhere.
Think of yourself as a river of love flowing out into the world! Feel the joy and power of your proactive love. And notice the smile deep within your own heart. Have a Happy Love Day! And welcome to the heart of love!

Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck are Co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to raising universal love awareness and awakening a world of Love Masters. This column is based on their new book, “The Top 60 Love Skills You Were Never Taught: Secrets of a Love Master” now available at
© Copyright 2006 Scott & Shannon Peck

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