2006 Feng Shui Global Forecast
By Jenny T. Liu, M.A.



Every year as the planets orbit into new positions, they have a different ability to affect and create certain natural phenomena all over the world. By understanding the laws of nature through the I Ching, 9 Star Charts, 5 Element Theory and of course, the philosophy of feng shui, we can forecast many events in various parts of the world.
This information allows us to prepare ourselves for potential disaster that can help prevent a great loss of energy and resources, while also revealing where our potential growth lies, allowing us to focus our energies where we can achieve positive results.

This wisdom has been handed down to us by our predecessors and it exists for the sole purpose of gaining insight that we may do better for ourselves in the future. If we ignore these benefits, we deny our precious inheritance and as a result, may suffer the consequences of neglect.

The 3 wood star takes the dominant position in the Center. The wood energy of the 3 star conflicts with the earth energy of the Center. This means that in the center regions of the world and countries, our young men which are associated with the 3 star, may face challenges, be more involved in conflicts or going to war. The 3 star is also related to lightning, indicating there is likely to be a continuation of strong winds, thunder storms, tornadoes and hurricanes in the center regions of countries. The 8 earth and 7 metal stars bring support for technology, defense, weapons and young female entertainers. These areas are likely to enjoy expansion, but it comes with a risk and potential loss.

The 8 earth star defeats the North water energies. This means, northern regions such as Canada, North Dakota, or Michigan may experience avalanche, water pollution, loss of resources, spread of disease and health problems especially related to the blood, ear and reproductive organs. As the north is associated to the mind, leadership and intelligence agencies could encounter problems in the north regions. The 8 star associated with children indicates that academic standards may drop in these areas as well.

The 7 metal star is an ambitious feminine energy that defeats the South fire energies. When this happens, this can bring explosions, travel accidents, air crashes and competition where young women are the victims or initiators. On the positive side, the double 3, although it can bring expansion, is also associated with the wood energies of thunder that bring the potential for hurricane and strong winds to Southern regions such as South America, Australia, Louisiana and Texas.

The southeast wood energies defeat the earth energies of the 2 star. The earthís energy is being weakened. This can manifest in diseases and ailments, especially in the southeast regions like Southeast Asia and Florida. The 2 star also represents skin and flesh, so we can expect skin rashes, colds and digestive problems due to poor sanitation. The mother figure and older female are the most likely to be affected by this. However, because of the increase in damage and ailments, medical, pharmaceutical and construction-related fields also related to the 2 star should do well.

The 1 water star promotes the wood energies of the eastern direction. Eastern countries such as China and Eastern Europe will enjoy more development, growth and wealth. However, the 6 and 9 stars indicate that with development, they will also be creating a lot of pollution. The 6 metal star relates to the lungs, which indicates increased inflammation, respiratory problems and SARS. The 6 star also relates to these countriesí leaders and the 9 star always represents the sexy daring female. There may be sex scandals that affect the leadersí well-being. Eastern leaders need to be very careful in their travels

The 6 metal star is promoted by earth energies of the northeast. Northeast regions include Japan, Beijing, Korea and northeastern states like New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. These areas can expect a better economy, especially in the health, travel, spiritual or alternative healing fields. With the conflicting 2 earth and 4 wood stars, these areas are still likely to suffer from illness, storms, water born diseases, mosquitoes, earthquakes or weakening of the earth. When the earth energy is weakened, physically we can expect more allergies, rashes and digestive problems. The 2 star is related to the mother figure, so female leaders in the northwest areas are likely to face competition, lawsuit or younger adversaries.

The 4 wood star flies into the northwest bringing hurricanes and storms, so regions such as Seattle, Portland and San Francisco will see a lot of rain. Here again we have the conflicting 9 fire and 6 metal stars. With this combination, where 9 is the mountain star and 6 is the facing star, fire overcomes the metal energies. This means famous females will rise from the northwest areas in the form of female leaders or young female entertainers. Since the 6 metal star is defeated by the 9 fire star, we again see a lot of dryness, and respiratory inflammation. This can also mean possible fires or accidents related to transportation.

The 5 star is the most violating and negative of all the stars and has the potential to bring earthquakes, unexpected flooding or unexpected violations. The west regions include the United States and our West Coast. Countries in the west need to be extra careful of security, terrorism and health epidemics. The U.S., having done many things to other parts of the world, can karmically expect some payback. Avoid traveling abroad to potentially dangerous territories.
The west also represents the uninhibited female who needs to be extra cautious this year. Though the 5 star inhabits the west, we also have the 1 water star, which means money will still come in, especially for fields related to the vices such as sex, defense intelligence/technology, and similar specialized fields.

The 9 fire star comes to the southwest, which includes such regions as Southern California, Hawaii, and Las Vegas. The 9 fire star energies promote the southwest earth energies, so the real estate field should still do well. With the 9 fire star energy, temperatures in the southwest will continue to rise, which can also be attributed to global warming and pollution. There are also more potential fire disasters in the southwest areas. Female leaders in the southwest will attain recognition.

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelorís Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Masterís Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who also shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the internet. Awarded for her Masterís Thesis on Feng Shui, Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information, see www.liu-fengshui.com

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