Women With Wings: Part 3
Develop Your Second Sight with 
"Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide To Intuitive Healing" 
By Maryel McKinley Ph.D. ( c) C.A.D.C.



Of all the outstanding women who have deserved the honor of being included in Awareness Magazine's "Women with Wings" feature series, Dr. Judith Orloff sets a new standard! 

As a psychiatrist, medical doctor, author, speaker, clairvoyant and exemplary human being, Orloff's work is unprecedented. Her soothing, yet powerful aura, radiates with love and compassion 覧 one gets a deep sense of calm just being in her presence. These fine qualities are the result of years of a strict Taoist meditation practice, as well as her love of science as a medical doctor/practicing psychiatrist who has a deep commitment towards the integration of technological advances with intuition 覧 the wedding of heart and mind.

 She started out as a troubled teen in the 60's, who dabbled with drugs and ended up in a near-fatal car crash 覧 an experience that literally altered the direction of her life. During this car crash she had a near-death experience where she learned that death is nothing to be afraid of. Shortly after the crash, her parents put her into psychotherapy where her therapist discovered Judith had many experiences in her youth that revealed a strong psychic connection. He introduced her to the head of the parapsychology department at UCLA, where she was indeed proven to be highly clairvoyant. Judith was invited to join a team of researchers, and was paid for the next several years as a psychic researcher for UCLA. During this time, she had a vision that she needed to attend medical school and become a licensed medical doctor. 

Judith followed her dream, and after 14 long years of hard work and studying, she fulfilled her dream and became a practicing psychiatrist. Although she is wise, beautiful, gifted, highly intelligent successful and very clairvoyant, Dr. Orloff is not the least bit egotistical. Rather, she presents an aura of clarity, peacefulness and serenity, as if she were wearing a permanent badge of humility. As a matter of fact, she strongly emphasizes in her book that we must never let our egos get involved, reminding us to stay humble 覧 荘love and service' are her code of honor. The following is an excerpt from my interview with Dr. Orloff. The amazing thing about the interview is that every time she said the word love, the tape would actually stop and then restart! It was quite a phenomenon, but it made it very difficult to transcribe! 

When we develop our intuition we can literally change our world view and perception. As we cut through the veil of self-deception and self-defeat, we are able to develop and strengthen our innate psychic abilities. The transformation that occurs, as a result of this book will also help you make decisions more effectively. Decisions that once baffled you will now come intuitively and smoothly for the highest good of all 覧 by simply following the clear, insightful steps laid out in this book. 

As a therapist and doctoral student, I have incorporated these five steps into my life and practice and have found them immensely helpful in decision making and getting to the crux of the matter. Regardless of the problem or situation, these five steps allow us to hone straight to the truth, eliminating the circular thinking that disturbs and so often disrupts our thought process. As a matter of fact, several of my colleagues and friends have started a group where we meet each week and apply these five steps to the situations in our lives.

 We read from a section in the book, whether it is about dealing with death and dying, relationship troubles, or career moves 覧 this powerful group practice strengthens the bond between us and actually potentiates the power of these five steps in every aspect of our lives. I thoroughly recommend that every purchase this book and form an "Orloff Intuition Group" of your own. A Gestalt will occur, as the power of the group becomes grander than the sum of its parts. 

Intuition can be fully developed and quickly accessed in the presence of like-minded people. The pioneer of positive thinking, Norman Vincent Peale would call this a mastermind group, and we all agree that a special magic happens each week when we get together! 

When I interviewed Dr. Orloff, I asked her to explain exactly what intuition is. 

Dr. Orloff: For me, intuition and Spirit are one and the same thing. I just want to develop my intuition to the max as far as it will go; I want to deepen it and I don't want anything to stop that. Intuition allows you to be really fresh and passionate in the moment. 

Maryel: I hope someday to be able to fully live in the here and now, to live in acceptance rather than expectance, It's such a beautiful journey. 

Dr. Orloff: Just the desire it self 覧 when a person has that desire kindled in their heart, God hears, and the Gods and Goddesses all smile when people make the choice to move towards love. My spiritual teacher is a Taoist and I've studied with him for almost 15 years. He always says please stop beating yourself up. Good things come from trusting your intuition. It is so much better than beating yourself up. And when you do have fear, it is a part of the healing process. 

Maryel: So, fear can be a good thing, kind of? 

Dr. Orloff: It's a good thing in that we are here on this earth to heal and I believe that inwardly we've all chosen to be here whether we are aware of it or not. 

Maryel: You mentioned earlier that you had stopped fighting with yourself. Was this through meditation? Dr. Orloff: It was through meditation, my Taoist practice, my desire to be more loving, my intuition opening up, beginning to see who I truly am in terms of the beautiful parts of myself 覧 it was very hard for me to see myself as beautiful for a very long time, on many levels. There was something unbearable about it. 

Maryel: Was this the purpose for writing your book? 

Dr. Orloff: After years of developing my intuition, I took a look at what I was doing, and I found that I was using the five steps that are outlined in my book in every problem, or non-problem in my life. The purpose for writing the book was to be able to put it into a structure so that others could benefit as I have from developing their own intuition. When I first started to learn about remote viewing, I was so afraid. I had a patient that almost died and I ignored the intuitive vision I had about this. That's when I knew something had to change, but I didn't know what. So, what I did then is what I do now, when I know my life has to change but I don't know how. I put out this prayer, it's kind of a call to the Universe from my heart. It's really sincere 覧 I say: "Life has to change, please show me how." When it's sincere it will be heard. There is an intuitive momentum that comes from the heart, out to the heart of all things. I truly believe this. 

Maryel: You have helped so many people in your private practice. Do you also speak to other medical professionals about utilizing intuition in their private practice? 

Dr. Orloff: Yes. As a matter of fact, I will be speaking this May in Chicago to the American Psychiatric Association on "How to use intuition in medical practice". 

Maryel: You are truly a pioneer in this field, and I am so grateful for the work you do. You help pave the way for students and professionals such as myself who have found that traditional medicine and psychotherapy does not hold all the answers. I want to personally thank you for your courage and inspiration. It has been an honor to interview you and to review your book. 

The five steps Judith has offered in her book are: 
1. Notice your beliefs 
2. Be in your body 
3. Sense your body's subtle energy
4. Ask for guidance 
5. Listen to your dreams 

In applying the steps to a group format, I suggest you do what we do. First, do individual meditation with a candle facing East, as outlined in the book. This can last from 5-20 minutes. Then, pick a chapter from the book and read a portion. Here's a short excerpt from "Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide To Intuitive Healing", chapter six: 荘The emotional path of the warrior 覧 Sensing emotional energy in every day life.' 

"Believe in your dreams. Hold them close and alive. Let them work for you. If you ride out your emotions, fighting not to shut down, dreams will never dry up. Nurture your intuition and your dreams won't wither. Take advantage of their wide-ranged solutions. 

Extraordinary insight into practical problems is what intuition provides. Let the tools I've outlined frame your emotional journey. All its phases 覧 your epiphanies, your lows, everything in between. There is spiritual meaning to what you experience. Our vision must be all encompassing, defined less by struggle than by the enormity of the spirit we possess. No separation exists between our biochemistry and God, our emotions and what is holy. No part of our make-up doesn't belong. These precepts drive my work with my patients and how I see myself. 

Intuition 覧 spirituality 覧 a return to places of innocence within; this is our path. The I CHING speaks of innocence as a state where our mind is natural and true, unshadowed by reflection or ulterior design. In no sense a naive position, but one based on unsullied truth. Innocence leads us to do right with sureness. No matter what our wisdom or accomplishments, here is where we must begin. Every minute, every second anew." 

After the reading, as we sit in our circle, we quietly meditate on what the words of the passage meant to each one of us. We do this for about 10 minutes. Then, we go around the room and talk about insights the reading and our meditation brought to whatever we may be processing at that time in our lives. If someone has a pressing problem or need, we focus on applying the five steps to the problem. Or we discuss how we applied the five steps in our lives earlier in the week and how easily we were led to right thought, right action. 

Try it yourself, and you'll see what I mean. The magic is that the more we practice this, the more synchronicity will occur in our lives. It is something you can do alone, with a partner, or a group. But it is something we learn to do to enhance the rest of our lives, and with "Dr. Judith Orloffs Guide To Intuitive Healing" you will definitely learn the tools that will not only help you develop your own second sight, but will literally change your life for the better! (See Book Review on page 6) 

Maryel McKinley Ph.D. (c), C.A.D.C., is a certified therapist and syndicated columnist. She will be speaking on "Making Magic & Manifesting Miracles" on the NOW AGE 2000 Spiritual Healing Cruise on Holland America's newest ship, the Ms. Zaandam June 10-17. (800) 942-2287 www.NowAge2000.com

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