What Are Your Beliefs Creating? 
By Nancy Brady



 Memories of my grandmother Ida's cautious words occasionally play through my mind. "Child, watch your words unless you wanna be creatin' that now!" My grandma may have had an understanding that we create our life situations through our thoughts and words, but I'm not so sure she realized it is possible to undo old beliefs and recreate a new reality. 

The Power of Beliefs
Thoughts are energy, and when they occur along with emotional intensity, thoughts can become beliefs. Our beliefs are formed in an impassioned or traumatic moment, when we are experiencing an extremely pleasant, or unpleasant event. Our thoughts about what is occurring, combined with the emotion in the moment, become memory, and very often a belief is formed. At the same time chemical processes encode these memories and beliefs in our body's tissues. 

Other ways beliefs are formed is by repetition. An idea may be presented to us frequently, causing it to become familiar or comfortable. The mind then accepts it as part of its belief system. Conversely, we might reject an idea that is given to us repeatedly and form an opposite belief. No matter how we form them, beliefs are important to our well being. 

As beliefs continue to combine with emotion, or several emotions, they may become core issues for us and impact the course of our life. Our actions automatically begin to pattern our experiences from direction given by our core beliefs. When these beliefs are supportive of us, this works well. However, this isn't always the case, as some beliefs we carry restrict our growth. Left unattended, these embedded, limiting beliefs can lead our life in circular patterns. 

Genetic Beliefs Well disguised in family history, genetic beliefs can creep into and direct our daily lives without us even realizing. My grandpa Joe believed "You have to work hard for every penny." During the depression that was not an uncommon belief. Depending on how strong a thought has taken hold on a cellular level, it has the potential to genetically impact future generations. 

We all know that we get certain characteristics genetically, such as eye color, but it is less well known that we can also acquire beliefs genetically. What was true for our ancestors decades before may have become our own belief, even though it no longer supports healthy growth. "My work is emotionally and financially fulfilling" may be closer to an outlook we might choose to actuate today. 

Life Mirrors Our Beliefs
Our life is a reflection of our beliefs and emotional patterning. Imagine for a minute that you can see your beliefs in your body. Pretend that all the experiences you have had in your life are visible as real shapes and colors attached to your body. It is often these "shapes and colors" that are instrumental in determining life circumstances. Even though we can't really see our beliefs and emotions, we can see their effects. Our current conditions portray our beliefs clearly. 

Sometimes beliefs are formed for protection as a response to adversity. In difficult childhood situations we may have made intolerant decisions about our self, perhaps even subconsciously. An attitude that we're not worthy, not smart, or perhaps some other disempowering belief can be carried through life from decisions that we made as young, confused children. Fortunately, we don't have to be hopelessly stuck with feelings of inadequacy because we had a rough start in life. 

Look at your life and determine what is working for you and what isn't working. Chances are there is something you want to change. Can you identify the core beliefs that created this situation? It may even be one of those unconscious beliefs formed as a small child that is still directing your present circumstances. Really, the only thing that is important about the past is what you hold onto in the present. So make a choice about what you want and don't want in your life, knowing that even strong beliefs and emotions can change at once. 

Creating Change
We are not victims to life; we are partners with life. As time brings us opportunities to grow, we can close our eyes to change and let our old wounds and outdated beliefs speak loudest and automatically choose for us. Or, we can step up to the challenge and consciously change our direction. One way or another we are creating each day's experiences. The universal mind is composed of creative energy. Our creative ability is so much greater than most of us understand. 

Life doesn't hold back from us; we hold back from our self by not understanding the messages we give the universe. Changing beliefs, all the way to a cellular level, allows us to maximize this creative ability. Discarding beliefs that don't serve us and accepting new, supportive and empowering beliefs can redirect our life into a joyous adventure. Limiting beliefs can be transformed instantly to allow us to shine as the creators we are!

Nancy Brady is a practitioner specializing in emotional healing. She is a Certified SHEN Practitioner and is also certified in DNA Technique and Genetic and Core Belief Replacement Therapy. She holds a degree in nutrition and is a spiritual intuitive. Nancy can be reached at (949) 487-1551.

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