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Deborah Davis, L. Ac. 
Deborah Davis Productions
Well, they say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I guess in the case of this superbly done video, it is true. I have long tried to do full-length videos on Tai Chi, only to end up completely confused and frustrated.  When I tried  this  video on Qi Gong, it just flowed and flowed and flowed. Apparently the difference between Tai Chi and the Qi Gong (pronounced "chee kung") presented in this video, is that Tai Chi is a martial art and this form of Qi Gong is a medical art. Both are exercises that utilize focused breathing, posture or movement and visualization.  Both are designed to "harmonize" mind, body and spirit. 

The video is an hour long, and divided into five segments.  One segment for each element (hence the "five elements") Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.  Each element corresponds to a different area of the body and different manifestations of imbalances. Deborah Davis does an absolutely terrific job of making this interesting, easy to follow and easily understood. I felt great after doing this video.  And what's really neat, is each segment can be done separately!  One short segment each day for five days still leaves two days to "veg out". 

This is a peaceful video, filmed in natural surroundings that will remind you of what an incredibly beautiful planet we live on! This video can easily be done by all ages and stages. Qi Gong has been credited with slowing aging, boosting immunity, reducing stress, and enhancing memory along with many other benefits. 

In this exciting new millennium we have a chance to create and recreate ourselves each and every day.  This is a great way to start. Even if you are fairly sedentary, this is not a challenge and it will get you moving!  If you’re searching for something physical to do, I urge you to check out this video. It is well produced, easy to follow, filmed in beautiful surroundings and packed with positive health benefits!  Do it, do it, do it! 

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Produced, Directed and Written By Penny Price, 
Penny Price Media 
The information accompanying this video stated it was a series designed “For a different kind of exercise workout.”  Was that statement ever on target! This 53-minute video, which is labeled Part One, includes four sections of alternative exercise therapies, each of varying lengths. 

The video features people you may or may not be familiar with, but each is well known in their field.  The first part is a TAI CHI segment, taught by Chungliang Al Huang (author of “The Beginners Book of Tai Chi”).  His deft presentation of The Five Elements is easy to follow and flows well. The object here is to harness healing energy and release negative or blocked flow. Tai Chi’s gentle movements and free-flowing form make it invigorating, in a relaxing sort of way. 

The second segment is a BODY-MIND exercise taught by Dr. Ilana Rubenfeld, founder of the Ruben-feld Synergy Method, and author of  “The Listening Hand”.  This integrative holistic exercise is titled “Waving like the Bamboo in the Wind”, and is designed to enhance healing energy.  Soft and easy to follow, it is not physically challenging. The third segment is a very interesting CHAKRA CLEANSING, led by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, psychologist and medical anthropologist, as well as a best-selling author. 

I found this one to be fascinating and physically helpful. The fourth segment is a HEALING MEDITATION led by one of my favorite authors, Shakti Gawain. The meditation is designed to heal on all four levels — the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Initially, I was very excited when this video arrived for review because my first thought was “Well, now isn’t that an intelligent idea!”  The thought of combining several, or in this case four, of my favorite alternative or adjunct therapies in one tape was akin to a stroke of genius. 

Not surprisingly, this video came at a really interesting crossroad of my life. My much loved grandmother and greatest matriarchal influence of my life became ill and died within a span of three weeks. I worked through this video with all my energy and openness and found it to be incredibly uplifting and exactly what I needed. 

This video is well produced and directed. Each of the four segments are easy to follow and not physically challenging to the majority of people.  They are also relaxing and it is easy to work the parts into your busy day and life. I would very, very highly recommend this tape, especially to those who would like a smattering of some different approaches to health care, but are unsure where to start. This is a great time to be alive, and ready to embrace the changes we can make in our lives. 

Healing is a complex web of many factors that begin with one simple act of doing something healthy, affirming and positive for yourself.  Do it and your body will respond in kind! 

This video is available from Penny Price Media at (914) 876-0236.


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