Gateway to the Sanctuary in The Heart of Your  Garden 
Created by Von Aronson  
By Kay Walburger


"I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses……" 

The 'hustle bustle world' is sending people seeking 'peace and quiet' to sacred sites and wilderness places in numbers so large, that they are bringing the 'hustle bustle world' with them. When they get there, the peace and serenity they came for is getting harder and harder to find. Von Aronson holds a vision of people having a place of their own to slip away into and sit in a gazebo or pavilion nestled in the heart of their own garden, finding the peace and serenity for which they are longing. He feels a waterfall or fountain nearby would create the soothing sounds of moving water that comfort and calm the human spirit. Men, women and children are renewed while out in nature, no matter how small the scene may be. I have myself felt inspired by a nature scene on a calendar by recalling my vivid memories of being in a similar setting. How much more meaningful to have a sanctuary in you own backyard garden! 

A Magnificent Labor of Love 
Von is creating a "kit" to market to the public so they can build such a sanctuary with complete instructions in their own yard.  He is a gifted woodworker with 25 years of experience designing and building decks, patios, gates, pavilions, gazebos, arbors, intriguing planter/screens and other residential remolding. He is respected for his inventiveness and originality and builds a presence into his work that goes beyond form and function. His great love and respect of wood and nature brings a grace to his work and demonstrates his 'labor of love' in every detail of his creations. 

With an artist eye he carefully selects his cuts of wood and lets it speak to his heart, as he looks for pattern and texture in the natural design of the wood's grain.  He communes with the setting where his structures will stand and feels compelled to enhance the setting by creating harmony with it. He has respect for his clients' wishes and is highly recommended for his fine workmanship and attention to detail. Depending on the mood of the owners, he often brings romantic and nostalgic touches to his pieces.  For example he searches for hinges and latches from antique dealers or even fine reproductions. He loves to add old segments of artful wrought iron to his lattice or arbors. Sometimes an antique pane of stained glass is incorporated into the gate or screen.

Von is conscious that a garden is much more than a pretty place to have a barbecue. He is noticing a powerful longing in humans to get back to nature as they recreate rustic places sometimes at the edge of the garden. They may have a footpath to a creek or brook at their property's edge that they wish to remain wild, adding only a small bridge. As the wild places are disappearing he finds gardens are more important than ever. Von says, "One thing evident in our culture is people's need to get away.  Especially in high traffic and busy areas of cars, noise, phones, faxes, pagers, computers, and even at home, T.V., other appliances and all the 'doing and doing-ness' in our lives, we yearn for a place to retreat.  As for myself, my wife Alison and our son Luke, we are renewed out in nature and we feel such joy to be near the green grass, the trees and the vast variety of flowers so abundant when nature has her way.  We feel the peace and quiet which brings harmony to our lives.  I was raised in the East near wooded places and love a country feel.  I remember the turn of the seasons and walking down dirt roads drinking it all in as a youngster.  Our son Luke loves this feeling, too, as young as he is, and I wish this for all youngsters." 

"I envision a place in your garden where you can find a peaceful sanctuary. There to sit and slow your breathing and let serenity wash over you.  As the soft garden sounds whisper in your ear about The Loving Creator who created all this beauty for you.  Here your senses are invited to take delight in and celebrate in this sacred place you have designated.  In the sanctuary of your garden you will feel the embrace of Mother Nature and the lullaby of songbirds, buzzing of bees, wind, water, rustling leaves in a musical harmony that calls your spirit to rise up and dance.  Here you feel so alive because something mystical is going on in the garden.  The aliveness of growing plants and trees encourages you to enjoy your own aliveness." 

A Sacred Commission
 Von is very excited to have received a commission from his church  to build a special structure at the formal point of entry to The Meditation Garden.  This garden will be a visual representation of the seven days of creations plus an eighth day.  Von is receiving final approval on a design concept for his hybrid style of a pavilion and gazebo combined. He envisions a tranquil, cool, slightly darkened place to sit and prepare in meditation or prayer before beginning on the pathway. As this path meanders through separate stations along the way, each one will have a place to sit.  Here you may choose to read, pray, reflect, meditate or commune with the delicious beauty of nature surrounding you in a tender and nurturing embrace. 

As the garden is full of sunlight, colorful fruits and flowers, a sparking fountain to be installed soon, he wants to create a contrast. Here in the darkened and subdued light of this gazebo/pavilion he will create a womblike experience, a place to sit and ponder and prepare. Then emerging into the light of enlightenment, an awakening experience into Love's greatest truth!  We are One with all of life! 

For more information contact Von Aronson, Contractor at Heart-Wood Creations,  1901 Laguna Canyon Rd. Suite 4, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 or call (949) 464-1951.

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