By Jesse Anson Dawn
Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young


Jesse Anson Dawn, age 55, author of the national award-winning book, Never "Old", speaks out about a most stirring subject: how and why we age.


 Presently answering the question: "How does TV and the film media affect our aging?" 

Dear Reader, Perhaps I can best answer this question by captioning it with a heading of: 

Ah yes, creatively counteracting the Murder Inc. Media Machine and its pathetic pleas of: "Whatta ya mean, are ya tryin' ta say dere is negative effects from all da buckets of blood we tro at people?" Or whatever the standard Denials R' Us TV/movie producer answer is to concerns about how their lack of conscience is battering people's senses. But it's all about "ratings" right, and it's the bubble-headed babble of "ratings" which offers us unconscious ploys such as this one from a cartoon version of a TV executive: "We've decided to decrease the amount of violence on TV by...adding more commercials." Huh? 

Ouch, just wanting a little entertainment and not the Beer-Here-Now/Soap-suds/Face-cream/Pill-Popping-Sex/Violence/War-KaBoom-parade, last night I found myself push-buttoning through a dozen gruesomely bloody scenes all going on at once 覧 with war and murder stories even on the "Learning Channel" 覧only to switch from that to coverage of a triple-death auto wreck. I mean, is all the focus on death, sex and junk-food trying to turn us into rat-tat-tat, sex and burger-eating machines with badges and guns?

And speaking of deadening, like it or not, it's quite evident that a few hours of TV tends to tire the mind and induce sleep. And so realizing this, if you plan to go out on a particular night, try to avoid the Tube-View, otherwise it may make you too drowsy to make it out the door (almost as if it were designed to numb people into drowsiness). But once out into the air 覧 hello! 覧 expanding awareness and away from the blue hue of what I call the blueb-tube 覧poof 覧 how quickly TV-wed weariness vanishes like a wind-swept haze. 

And another thing about excessive TubeViewing that we're finally coming to realize, is that it's closely linked to a problem alarmingly rampant among children 覧 Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) 覧 a somewhat covert dilemma which studies say rose during the 1990s by 1500 percent. But to help heal widespread dis-eases that Big Business too often tries to sweep under the rug, sometimes I look for an assist from that seventh sense (of humor) 

All of which re-minds me of that line from Paul Simon's Graceland album which lets us know that Simon doesn't want to wind-up "a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard." Or living in a world ruled by BurgerSlings, TacoHells, SickDonalds and Sound-bites... 

All of which has spurred me to hopefully rebel against a credo of 笛ust Say Nothing to a truthfully absorbing path of Please Say Something! 

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