The Story of k.t. Frankovich 
By Julianna Joyce Perkins



 The Frankovich family name has been associated with the film industry since 1936 producing films such as Meet John Doe, The Shootist, Cactus Flower, and Butterflies are Free. K.t. Frankovich's producing and screenwriting career gleaned accolades from her peers in the 70's, however in the midst of her success, she fled the Hollywood scene relocating to Florida where she followed her passion to produce documentaries highlighting endangered species and bringing awareness to environmental issues. 

Then a series of events crushed her world, beginning with the devastation of Hurricane Andrew. As the brutal storm tore apart her condo, her only thought was to hold on for the sake of her young son. K.t. dragged herself through the debris and miraculously found him. However, the severe head blow she received when a beam fell left her without the ability to walk and led to her becoming legally blind. With her worldly possessions gone, she found herself homeless, and in a wheelchair. The only means she had to feed her young son and herself was to scrounge through trash cans behind the posh Miami restaurants. Once courted and wooed, k.t. was now spat upon and shunned.

 For years k.t.'s friends encouraged her to go public with her story, which she has now done in her latest book, "Where Heavens Meet". She reveals the continued horrors endured by the survivors of the storm. She treats each subject with her keen sense of truth and honesty, and presents the facts with her compelling story-telling abilities. K.t.'s speaking engagements and private consultations have helped thousands who find in her a kindred spirit, a friend, and a mentor. Her world embodies everything from her firsthand knowledge of government cover-ups, to alien encounters to her psychic abilities that scored off the scale at Duke University. 

K.t.'s husband, the renowned English journalist and poet, David Taub recounts their initial meeting, 

"I am not the first, nor will I be the last to travel literally thousands of miles to meet with k.t. Frankovich . . . Within a year of making contact with k.t., my life was turned upside down and inside out at the speed of a whirlwind tornado. This remarkable woman and her unparalleled life, continues to receive the interest and attention from leading experts and scientists in both the fields of parapsychology and the science dedicated to UFO studies."

In a recent interview I asked k.t. about her traumatic past. Her answers aren't about herself, they are about others their struggles, pain and plight their need to be seen. She sits amongst ten handicapped dogs lying peacefully at her feet, all of whom she rescued from inhumane abuse or cruelty. "These little fellas are a major part of my life," she says. "They gave me joy at a time when there was no hope. It's always heartbreaking to witness the results of inhumane violence, whether it pertains to human victims or animal victims."

 K.t.'s story sounds like a modern day "Job" of Biblical times, yet she continues to reach out to others. She calmly comments, "My life has been about life and that's where I stay focused." 

Commenting on k.t.'s going public, Dr. Bruce Cornet states: 

"Where Heavens Meet" is a true story of the life of a woman who was given the choice and a challenge of being a living example of unconditional love, sacrifice, responsibility, and service to all peoples of the world. She is a divinely blessed and divinely loved woman who accepted that challenge for all of us in order to teach through example the living Word of God. You will be shocked to find out who she is. 

Her story will bend your knees, humble your judgment, bring tears to your eyes, love to your heart, and profoundly change your world view . . . triumph over tragedy, the power of unconditional love in overcoming bitterness and tribulation, an example of responsibility in response to unconscionable evil by individuals and governments, and a testament of hope and faith that there really is a higher Spiritual Power, a God, a Father, a Christ, a Heaven, and a Life after Death. She is the proof." 

One of k.t.'s recent appearances took place at the Clearwater Convention in Florida, sponsored by Project Awareness (This organization is currently undergoing reconstruction and a name change.) The platform was perfect for her. She has had firsthand experiences throughout her life in the diversity of interests to which the convention catered from UFO phenomenon to paranormal and metaphysical subjects, to wider issues including unusual weather phenomenon and natural disasters. 

As a direct result of appearing at this event, k.t. reflects, "There was a feeling of recapturing and now returning to similar events during my movie/TV documentary-writing career. Having been asked to bring and display the prestigious Gold Venus Award, presented to me during the peak of my film career, further compounded the feeling. The fact that only a few are in existence, held by individuals like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, means the public rarely gets a glimpse of them.

 Let's hope that some wise producer will turn her life story into a film, resulting in yet another prestigious award! 

The plight of the poverty stricken, the discounted, and the hurting people of this world top the list in k.t.'s heart. She says, "They are all around us and yet we choose not to see them. I have few affiliations or connections with organizations such as these. However, the National Coalition for the Homeless is an organization I urge people to at least check into. Over the next eighteen months the disasters we have been experiencing will continue to get worse throughout the world. Our future survival depends on our ability to learn how to listen to one another, specifically learning how to listen to the survivors. Man must learn how to depend upon mankind and not hold onto the false illusion that any external intervention will come to the rescue."

Yes, k.t. is speaking out on how natural disasters, specifically Hurricane Andrew and the scale of devastation is down-played or misrepresented by the media; on the unseen tragedies resulting from millions of homeless Americans here in the United States; on paranormal and psychic phenomenon; and on her personal encounters with unexplainable beings. She writes for a number of magazines and appears on television and radio talk shows, always drawing large audiences and amazing the hosts.

Rising from the ashes of her devastating past, k.t. spreads her message, which contains the keys to release the invisible chains around our hearts and our humanity. (See Book Reviews on page 8.)

Journalist Marci Elliott of the Daily Commercial Newspaper in Leesburg, Florida, went out on a limb to break the Hurricane Andrew cover-up story in a 6-page article that hit the streets as Awareness went to press. Marci states, "Writing about k.t. Frankovich is like trying to catch Niagara Falls in a cup. This diminutive author, poet, screenwriter, psychic and spokeswoman for the suffering and the homeless is indeed a woman of many voices.

Her life and experiences are overwhelming, but what she is doing now may be the most important thing she has ever done. K.t. has dedicated her life to telling the truth about Hurricane Andrew, the unthinkable disaster that struck South Florida in 1992. But even more disastrous than the monster storm itself, and the devastation it left in its wake, was the governments' coverup of the aftermath: the thousands of dead victims and the governments' blatant refusal to help the ones who survived.

Other attempts to make these things known have been crushed by higher powers, but k.t. Frankovich refuses to be silenced. Her firsthand experiences are revealed for the first time through an equally unafraid, award-winning Central Florida journalist -- and k.t. has rightfully become the victims' voice". Full Story next issue

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