Listening as A LoveMaster
By Scott & Shannon Peck


 Has anyone ever listened to you with such focused attention and reverence for what is in your inner heart that you felt completely understood? Most of us, unfortunately, are rarely listened to at this depth 覧 by anyone, including our lovemates.  So few know how to listen. What a loss!  There is no greater gift than to listen to another's heart. 

LoveMasters are experts at listening with deep empathy.  Allow us the privilege of listening to you 覧 right now 覧 even though we're not with you. "What is honestly going on in your heart at this moment?" 

As you prepare to share with us, we are looking at you with great caring.  We are offering you open, quiet space to think and share without interruption.  And we are listening with love. There is no hurry to answer.  There is no judgment.

 In our verbal silence, we want you to feel the freedom to unpack whatever concerns, desires, or doubts you wish to share. Go ahead. Speak to us silently or out loud. 

As you begin to speak, gathering thoughts, we may be tempted to say something 覧 to make you feel more comfortable, to get you started, to agree with you, or to add our feelings or thoughts to what you have said 覧 but, no, we resist. Instead, we stay in a mode of active, yet quiet listening 覧 in loving silence 覧 allowing you the freedom to unfold what is in your heart, even though it may be slow in coming out.

As you slowly open to us (and yourself), surprised to find yourself with so much space to speak without interruption, judgment, or direction, we continue to relish this moment of listening to your heart. Your long pauses test our listening skills.  Silence is awkward . . . but oh so beautiful!  In silence, the heart opens. 

As you speak, we are tempted to let our private, internal thinking shift from you to us 覧 to our lives, our reaction to what you are saying, our conclusions, our expectations of what you will say next, and our judgments. But we remind ourselves, internally, true listening takes place when we focus only on what you are saying. We return mentally to you. 

As we make the effort to successfully stay tuned to your heart, not ours, we find ourselves feeling more and more at one with you. It is an extraordinary experience to listen so openly and non-judgmentally. 

You are in awe, almost disbelieving this enormous space of freedom to let your heart come forward. You come to a stopping point. Is it really the end?  Should we break this unbelievably long and silent listening? Are you getting annoyed at too much listening with no feedback? 

We think these questions privately, and communicate to you with our eyes and heart that we want you to feel the space to do what your heart delights. We do not want to interrupt your inner flow.  This may be a pause of self-discovery. 

The silence between us is sacred.  We see you searching your heart at even greater depth. Our highest love at this precious and profound moment is continued quietness.  You are almost unaware of us now, continuing to explore and speak at even greater depth.  Inwardly, you are surprised that anyone has listened to you so thoroughly 覧 allowed you so much space to unfold. 

You reach another end point.  We sense that you have had the opportunity to say all you wish to share for now. We see the dawning of your realization: "So this is what it feels like when someone truly listens to your heart!" We truly wish we could sit with each reader of this column who has never experienced such listening.  But now you know what you deserve.

 Each of us needs the satisfaction, the healing, that pours forth during such listening. When was the last time anyone listened to you with such tenderness, quietness, thoroughness, and genuine interest?  When was the last time you listened to your love-mate (or anyone) with this quality of honoring, liberating listening? 

This is just a taste of how a Love-Master listens. Can you imagine the quality of relationships this produces?  In the next 24 hours, decide to listen to someone in just this way 覧 with silence, no judgment, no interruptions, and deep empathy.  Let your very being communicate the following message: "I want to treasure what's in your heart. I am actively listening to you 覧 caring for you 覧 right now, with no other motive than for you to feel understood and have the opportunity to share with me what is in your heart." 

As you listen this way, you will have entered the heart of a Love-Master 覧 and you won't ever want to leave.  Welcome to the heart of Love. 

Scott & Shannon Peck are co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing all mankind into the heart of Love. They speak and conduct workshops on love, liberating magnificence, and spiritual healing, and are co-authors of "Liberating Your Magnificence: 25 Keys to Loving and Healing Yourself".  Scott Peck is also the author of "The Love You Deserve: 10 Keys to Perfect Love". This article is based on their new 6-cassette audio course, "All the Love You Could Ever Want!" available through   or (800) 266-1525.

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