Flower Remedies Help Golfers
 and Other Athletes 
By Nina Anderson



 Although most sports enthusiasts will benefit from this article, we will focus on golf because a temper tantrum on the golf course may be more expensive. Wrapping your $300.00 club around a tree can ruin your game not to mention your pocketbook. In our book, "Nutritional Leverage for Great Golf," we give you tips to help you support your body’s ability to cope with stress and tension. 

Knowing how to sink an easy putt, and actually getting it into the cup, depend on a close relationship between mind and muscle. If the mind is shooting erroneous signals due to a chemical breakdown, you may lose control of the muscle in your arm. This results in a missed shot causing you to throw your putter, and utter unintelligible words often referencing "god and mother". 

Psychologists often they tell us to slowly count to 10 and recognize that "acting out" is not an effective way to vent anger. Studies have discovered that venting anger by pounding the ground with your club or tossing it past the caddie, increases rather than decreases further aggressive behavior. Certain foods, such as sugar and caffeine only contribute to potential anxiety. Chicken, carrots, citrus, salmon and sunflower seeds are foods that will help you stay calmer. Supplements that support brain chemistry to better cope with stress are amino acids, lecithin, nutritional yeast or flax. 

For on-the-spot action, we have found that specific flower remedies can treat the emotion behind the aggravation, leaving you calmer and better able to cope with the stress of many missed shots. One particular remedy, named Stress/Tension by Deva Flower Remedies contains, aspen, dandelion, impatiens, lotus, sweet chestnut, vervain, chamomile and white chestnut flowers. It reportedly clears mental strain and pressure, relaxes tense muscles and calms and strengthens the nervous system. 

"Nutritional Leverage for Great Golf" is available at bookstores, online and by calling (888) NATURE-1.

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