Feng Shui:
A Look Ahead at 2000
By Jenny Liu



 For many Asians who follow the Lunar calendar, the new year begins February 5, 2000.  As the lunar new year approaches, there is a change in energy fields as the planets rotate into a new position. Like an invisible system of gears constantly turning and fitting together to trigger mechanisms, the planets' movements affect our well-being. In order to survive natural disasters, the ancient feng shui masters were keen observers of the natural cycles.  They were astrologers who studied celestial movements as they related to terrestrial and human events. Keeping accurate records and charts, they were able to use empirical data to predict future events.  The success and power of the Chinese government for thousands of years depended on the accuracy of these observations and calculations of understanding how the world ticks. 

Still in use today is the Nine Star chart and lunar calendar from the ancient Chinese Farmer's Almanac (Tong Shu) and Book of Changes (Yi Jing).  Dating back over thousands of years, these charts indicate the planetary cycles and their potential impact on global, regional and human well-being. These charts show the numbers 1 through 9 which represent stars or different phases of energy located at the eight directions of the earth. Every year, the cycles of the Nine Stars change.  These frequencies will have global, national, local and personal impacts on us depending on where we are located and how our buildings are designed. 

These charts are rather complex and in-depth knowledge is required to properly interpret them and understand what they mean.  Nonetheless, it suffices for the reader to simply understand that each of the numbers is innately associated to a variety of natural phenomena. These associations stem from thousands of years of experience and observation of natural patterns. Understanding the chart allows us to understand the potential phenomena that can occur in different directions around the world. 

In 2000, we are in the 9th Annual Cycle which is within the 7th Twenty Year Cycle (1984-2003).  These charts are indicated by the center numbers: 

Just as fireworks gloriously lit the sky at each time zone to welcome the new millennium, the year of the Golden Dragon will be a fiery and spectacular sight as countries all over the world are spurred into global competition that takes humanity soaring to new heights. The world will light up with new technology that expands our limits and connects us even more.  However, we will also find that before results can alight, many explosions will be sparked.  In analogy, although we can expect glorious things to be achieved; it is at the cost of global conflicts, violence, riots and pollution. 

The center, which represents the center of all countries, has the 5, 4, and 9 stars.  The 9 Star is associated to fire.  When in balance, fire creates positive outcomes and is a symbol of light, hope, and fame. When imbalanced or when there is too much fire, it is an indication of burning, destruction, anger or danger. Nine is the highest single digit number, also symbolic of the highest level of intelligence or achievement.  The 9 star is also associated to the second daughter or middle-age woman. The 4 Star is categorized under the wood element. It is also a feminine energy associated to the eldest daughter.  The 4 Star represents scholarship, intelligence, recognition, growth and promotion. The 5 Star is categorized under the earth element.  It is considered a masculine and violating energy related to crime, robbers, gangsters, warfare, disease, poverty, murder, abuse, gambling, accident and disaster.

 These stars coming together in the center shows that this year, women will become more prominent and powerful. This is especially true in the Southwestern, Western, Southern and Eastern countries or regions. Women are the heroic leaders who guide us into the new millennium.  They will be in charge and are a great resource of economic boom.  Women around the world will be much more aggressive socially, economically, politically and sexually.  Especially in the West and East, there will be an exuberance of female power where women are unabashed to utilize their sexuality to their advantage and be more outspoken. Female entertainers, especially young ladies will be giving a strong message of girl power of beauty and brains. We can expect female scholars and government officials to have a positive impact in the political arena. However, there will be fierce competition and conflicts among them as well. 

With the dominant energy of fire in the center, there will be much celebration, births, new inventions, weddings, and booming economy in national centers worldwide. This is likely to result in fast-paced, risk-taking, rebellious, demanding, and capricious lifestyles. Adultery will be on the rise especially in Eastern, Northeastern and Northern countries and regions. Fields related to adult entertainment, gambling, computer toys, alien/UFO organizations, Internet and red wine will proliferate. 

With the 5 Star also in the center, there will also be a rise in violations related to fire disaster, sex, gang, cult, weapons, drug and alcohol abuse.  This is especially true for Northern countries and regions which are likely to encounter threats related to fire such as bombings, riots, fire, chemical warfare, ocean, land and air crashes, heart and liver disease.  New diseases and other unusual violent deaths will continue to occur. 

The 4 and 9 Stars' energies also indicate new developments in research especially in biotechnology in areas related to the digestive and circulatory systems. The Internet will continue to advance as a profitable source of communication and business especially in the West and East where energies are positive this year.  However, with the violating energy of the 5 Star, there is also likely a proliferation of con artists, cyberspace violence and warfare on the net.  The negative effects tend to occur in the Northern and Southeastern countries and regions.  In general, people will be overwhelmed by too much information and be confused as to what is good or bad and right or wrong.  Many innocent people may be involved in scams, suffer financial loss and be wrongly arrested. 

In our homes and offices this year, the East and West are in general, the strongest directions.  If you have offices, bedrooms or doors in these directions, you are likely to enjoy success and new opportunities this year especially with proper feng shui adjustment. The North, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest are in general, the weaker directions that bring problems especially if there is anything negative or unstable located in these directions.  It is recommended to minimize using the North and Southeast rooms and doors.  Do not do any ground breaking in the North, Southeast and Northwest areas. If these areas must be used, it is wise to make appropriate feng shui arrangements to minimize trouble. 

These are some general things we should be aware of to assure a harmonious new year. As a reminder, we all have unique energies and respond differently to our environment, so actual adjustments vary from case to case. A feng shui expert can give a precise analysis and recommend the best arrangements for your home or office. 

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Master's Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who also shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the Internet. Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information please see her website www.liufengshui.com  or call her at (909) 860-0633.

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