Empowering Women’s Health Seminar
To Be Presented March 19
By Louise Hay



On Sunday, March 19, leaders in the field of women's health will participate in a dynamic afternoon seminar to explore new ways to empower mid-life women. The event is sponsored by Louise L. Hay, author of bestseller "You Can Heal Your Life", with more than 3 million copies sold worldwide. 

Topics will include Reclaiming Your Sexuality, by Linda Savage, Ph.D. and Taking Charge of Your Life: Before, During and After Menopause, by Carolle Jean-Murat, M.D. New biological and clinical research concerning mid-life women, as well as wisdom from ancient cultures that honored the divine feminine, or Goddess, will be addressed. 

Dr. Jean-Murat, a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist and international lecturer, will present the latest information on menopause in non-technical terms so women can be better prepared to participate in their own health-care decisions. 

This seminar is for all women who want to revitalize and energize their lives by learning about both the most current health developments and the ancient spirituality of the feminine mystic. The opening introduction will be given by Louise Hay, age 73, President of Hay House, Inc. 

The seminar will run from 1 to 4 p.m. Tickets are $20, including free parking and are available at (800) 654-5126.

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