Earth Day 2000
 The largest global event in history 
By Carolyn Chase 



What will Southern California be like in 20 years? In 10? In 5? Will we have any open spaces left? How will we provide for the water, the sewers, the housing, the energy? 

April 2000 will mark the 30th anniversary of "Earth Day." Throughout the month, volunteers in more than 165 countries and working for more than 4,000 local groups, will be mounting events, campaigns and projects for all ages and all races. 

The global theme is clean energy. The cleanest form of energy is, of course, human energy. Everyone can do something for Earth Day. To find the events and groups already planning something near you, visit the global Earth Day Network worldwide web event registry at:

In Southern California, the largest, longest running Earth Day events are found in San Diego where this year's theme is "New Energy for a New Era". Now would be a good time for you to apply your new energy to making a difference. For volunteer activities in San Diego County visit , or send an e-mail to: , or call the 24-hour San Diego Earth Day 2000 voicemail information line at (858) 496-6666 for the dates and locations of the next volunteer introduction meeting along with other event announcements.

San Diego EarthWorks' 11th annual EarthFair in Balboa Park will be on Sunday, April 16 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. At 10:30 a.m. the Children's Earth Parade will march from the Organ Pavilion to the Big Fig Tree. The EarthFair also features a Scavenger Hunt (stop by an Information Booth for a free entry form), Health and Technology Pavilions, five stages of entertainment and a vegetarian food area. By the end of the day, we restore the Park to a condition better than when we found it (Sound like fun? Want to help? Remember to volunteer!) 

Another event seeking volunteers and sponsors includes the 10th annual V.I.P. (Very Important Planet) reception, silent auction and EARTH (Environmental and Restoration That Helps) Awards which will be held in San Diego on Thursday, April 27, beginning at 6 p.m. If you know a green business, product or projects, nominate them for an EARTH Award. All entry, exhibitor forms and volunteer information can be found at

If you can't make it to any formal Earth Day events, remember: every day is Earth Day everywhere. We just don't live our lives that way. Earth Day provides an annual reminder to take the next step. Here is a list of the basics. So get to work. 

Ten easy things you can do every day for Earth Day 
1. Switch to a green power provider 
2. Reduce car trips and keep the car well-tuned 
3. Reduce use of disposable items 
4. Recycle and buy recycled 
5. Adopt a beach or park 
6. Don't use pesticides (buy "good bugs" to eat your "bad bugs") 
7. Use biodegradable soaps 
8. Conserve water and energy 
9. Buy organic food and other items 
10. Don't buy tropical hardwoods or products from old-growth trees (see 

For questions, other ideas and fun projects, visit

Carolyn Chase is Executive Director of San Diego EarthWorks, editor of the San Diego Earth Times ( ) and has a weekly column in the San Diego Daily Transcript.

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