Confessions of a Medical Doctor:
What they Forgot to teach Us in
Western Medical School
By Eric B. Robins, MD



What They Forgot to Teach Us in Western Medical School By Eric B. Robins, MD Just so you know my credentials and biases at the outset, let me say that I am a practicing urologist in Los Angeles, California.  I truly love the practice of standard allopathic medicine. I love being in the operating room, and I immensely enjoy being a physician.  It was this very passion for medicine and the health of my patients that led me to realize there was something lacking in both my training and my practice.  I grew tired of giving medications which would treat my patients' symptoms but not cure the underlying problem. 

This caused me to challenge the most basic principle underpinning allopathic medicine:  that the body needs medicines or surgery to heal itself.  I came to find working within the confines of this principle to be terribly frustrating, principally because it does not place the emphasis 覧 and more important, the responsibility 覧 for healing on the patient.  After all, doctors don't really heal people; people heal themselves.  As a physician, I may diagnose a bacterial infection and give you an antibiotic to combat it, but that's only to give your body's own immune system a "fighting chance" to swing into action and do the real work of healing.  

When I discovered Pranic Healingョョ, I was immediately excited because here was a system that "filled in the gaps" I saw in my own training and practice.  Here was a system that addressed the source of ailments, offered a well-reasoned complement to my medical practice, and most important 覧 demonstrated how a Pranic Healingョョ practitioner could assist the body in healing itself. 

As I began to use Pranic Healingョョ on some of my patients, my success rate in curing acute and chronic illnesses improved dramatically.  As word of my "work" in the hospital got out, some of my colleagues began to send their more difficult patients to me after a complete work up and standard medical care had failed to produce results.  Invariably, after several Pranic Healingョョ treatments, these patients improved. 

"It is almost as if they forgot to teach us this stuff in medical school" is how one of my physician colleagues described the philosophy behind Pranic Healingョョ.  And he's right. With Pranic Healingョョ, what we are doing is assisting the body's energetic system to normalize so the body can heal itself.  If there are blockages in the energy field, we remove these;  if there is depletion of energy, we give some back.  We are continuously working with the whole person (not just a single organ system) to facilitate self-healing.  We are not taught these concepts in Western medical schools. 

Fortunately, GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, author of "Miracles through Pranic Healing", has revealed these concepts and has made them available to everyone 覧 physician and lay person alike 覧 in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Master Choa Kok Sui PRANIC HEALINGョョ workshops are held in California and throughout the USA. For your Free Self-Healing Meditation Tape and info packet, Call Am. Inst. of Asian Studies, LLC. 1 (888) 470-5656.

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