Camelot Revisited! 
By Cariel Quinly 



There are tales of the Agharti, a pure hearted people who live in the holy city of Shambhala in the Altai Mountains. Similar stories of magical and holy peoples who live on higher dimensions/frequencies are told all over Asia, Europe and the Americas. Mt. Shasta, California has its legends of beautiful, tall, Nordic looking angels, extraterrestrials and/or interdimensional beings who appear to the initiate and offer spiritual guidance. 

The British Isles has the legend of supernatural beings, the Shining Ones, coming from the stars (Pleiades, the Great Bear, and Sirius) and bringing gifts of higher consciousness, spirituality, and secrets of civilization and agriculture. 

Also known as Sidhe or Fairies, these Shining Ones were described as tall, fair of form (thus, the term ""fairies""), beautiful, young looking despite their great age, gifted in the arts, the mind, music, and healing. They erected the stone circles, standing stones and crystal megaliths which aligned the earth's meridians and grid to the movement of the heavens, creating an intergalactic computer for connecting to the Divine. These were the peaceful prehistoric ancestors of the more aggressive Celts who arrived in 500 BC. 

Giving the Celts a chance to evolve on their own, the Shining Ones left three dimensional Earth. Feeling lost without their guidance, the Celts began the tradition we know as Halloween, called Samhain, meaning the end of summer, the beginning of a new year and fresh starts). 

Samhain became a time of feasting/merriment and solemn religious observance when debts were paid and the deceased were honored and laid to rest before the coming winter. During this holy night the veil between worlds is the thinnest and the Celts would invoke the Shining Ones to return from their higher dimension to share their special knowledge. Bonfires were lit to rekindle the Shining Ones'' power, as well as assist the waning sun god. The Shining Ones would then come forth to walk amongst mankind. They continue to visit and share their knowledge when called. 

Balls of light have recently been reported and photographed by many in the southern regions of England around the sacred sites and crop circles. Many of these balls of light appear alive and luminous, not metallic. The Shining Ones may be appearing as these balls of light in order not to frighten us, but to assist us through these times of transition to a higher dimensional frequency. 

The Shining Ones or Sidhes were legend to live beneath the Fairy mounds or in great palaces above ground that can only be seen at night, such as at Silbury Hill and Glastonbury Tor. Glastonbury Tor in Glastonbury, England is a famous hill shaped as a 3rd dimensional labyrinth. The word Tor in German means 'gate', and many believe that the Tor is the lost Isle of Avalon and the gateway to paradise. Gwyn, a White God, rides out across the Glastonbury Tor guiding souls to paradise on mid_summer's eve and other special times of the year. The early Christian's fear was, "do not eat their food if you wish to return from the fairy world". 

The Shining Ones' dimension on the Tor may be accessed at particular times of the year when the veils between worlds are very thin. It is said that Glastonbury is a place of emergence for the Fifth World (New Jerusalem) where people enter into the earth at the end of an age and from which they emerge at the beginning of a new world. Many believe that a new birthing of Christ Consciousness and divine empowerment is currently transforming Earth. 

Legend has it that Camelot will return when needed along with the good leadership of King Arthur, who is legend to be one of the Shining Ones. A Golden Age of Peace will flourish with a balanced sacred Earth, and a love and new grace that "passeth all understanding". 

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