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Heavens Flame
Joseph Radabaugh
Home Power Publishing
Have you ever wondered about solar cooking —— using the sun's energy to cook delightful and tasty meals? If so, you must obtain a copy of "Heavens Flame" by Joseph Radabaugh.  With surging population and our diminishing resources, the simple technology of the solar cooker is more important than ever before. Every environmentalist must get a copy, as it is a complete exploration of the art and science of solar cookers and solar cooking. In this book you will find tips for cooking delicious healthy meals, where to purchase various types of solar cookers, as well as how to design your very own solar cooker! 

This wonderful enlightening book even goes into the history of solar cooking, as we are not the first generation to discover it! We have actually rediscovered what the Essenes, an early sect of Jews, already implemented into their lives. They used solar energy to gently heat wafers of ground-sprouted grains on rocks by the desert sun! The goal was to cook them only to the point that the living enzymes in the grains would not be killed, creating a food source that is extremely healthy for the human body. 

However, a Swiss naturalist was the first person known to actually build a box to solar cook food. Horase de Sasure (AKA the grandfather of solar cooking) cooked fruits in a primitive solar-box cooker that reached temperatures of 190 degrees. So, if you are interested in finding out everything there is to know about solar cooking, this is definitely a must for your bookshelf! 

To order, please call (800) 707-6585. 


Nutritional Leverage for Great Golf 
Nina Anderson, Cherie Tripp & Dr. Howard Peiper
ATN Publishing
Lower your score and enhance stamina while improving concentration with "Nutritional Leverage for Great Golf". This little book even assists the frustrated golfer in how to control their temper! A comprehensive and complete manual for improving every aspect of your game through a preventative medicine approach, this wonderful gem offers suggestions for everything from what to do if your arthritis is acting up and affecting your game —— to the perfect breakfast and energy boosters to eat before teeing off.  Performance-enhancing supplements are covered in detail, as well as headache, memory/concentration and stress/irritability relief.  

A perfect pocket book to bring on your next golfing escapade out of town, as airsickness and motion sickness are also discussed! I believe every golfer's game would benefit from this holistic and natural approach to getting better in tune with the instrument of the body. After all, if we have our body, mind, and spirit integrated, there isn't much we can't accomplish! 

You can have it all with "Nutritional Leverage For Great Golf".  To order, call (860) 824-5301.


Peterson Field Guides Eastern/Central Medicinal Plants and Herbs Steven Foster & James Duke Houghton Mifflin Sponsored by the American Audubon Society, the National Federation, and The Roger Tory Peterson Institute, The Peterson Identification system shows exactly what features to look for to discriminate between various species of medicinal plants and herbs. With more than 300 photos and author illustrations, the reader will learn how to identify more than 500 healing plants. Not only will you learn how to easily determine one healing herb from another, you will know exactly where the various plants can be found and obtained as well as their unique medicinal uses. 

What impresses me most about "Medicinal Plants and Herbs" is the index to medical topics, symbols and plant descriptions, as well as organization of plants by colors that make this an essential guide to understanding the traditional medicinal uses of the plants around us. Written by an expert in the field coupled by the accurate illustrations by an experienced artist, the editors of this Peter-son Field Guide series have taken great care to ensure that both text and illustrations are accurate. This guide is a remarkable and intricate piece of work.

This book is available at local bookstores.


Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide To Intuitive Healing 
Dr. Judith Orloff, M.D.
Times Books
Dr. Judith Orloff, author of the bestseller “Second Sight” has recently released her newest masterpiece which is titled “Dr. Judith Orloff’s Guide To Intuitive Healing”. This book is a powerful and practical tool that will help the layman, as well as healthcare practitioners, to make deep, lasting changes in life for the better.  

This superior piece of work walks the reader through five easy steps, which will empower you to take charge of your life and relationships, as well as tuning in to ultimate expression of sexuality, and how to detect and prevent physical, mental and emotional maladies. She also includes a chapter on how to deal with the cycle of death and dying, which is extremely beneficial to those dealing with these inevitable life issues. 

When we develop our intuition we can literally change our world view and perception, as we cut through the veil of self-deception and self-defeat. The transformation that occurs will help the reader make decisions more effectively. Decisions that used to baffle will now come intuitively and smoothly for the highest good of all by taking the clear, insightful steps that are simply laid out in this book. 

Dr. Orloff is a licensed medical doctor and practicing psychiatrist in Century City, as well as a member on the board of psychiatry at UCLA. 

This book is written with an undertone of love, and comes from the heart, rather than the head. “Dr. Judith Orloff’s Guide to Intuitive Healing” is one of the best books I have read, and I believe it will be the catalyst for great changes in the way we incorporate healing in our lives. As a matter of fact, a group of us, who had access to the book before its release, have started a study group based on its teachings. I highly recommend others to do so, as it has benefited us greatly. 

This book is available at local bookstores. 


REASON FOR HOPE A Spiritual Journey
Warner Books

With a last name like Goodall, it’s no wonder that this extraordinary woman has contributed so much to the good of all. Her contributions to humanity include groundbreaking work with her study of chimpanzees in Tanzania’s Gombe preserve, “forever altering the very definition of humanity”. This powerful and insightful memoir of Dr. Jane Goodall’s fantastic life and personal spiritual journey are recorded on pages woven with depth, inspiration, poignancy and, yes, hope. 

As Dr. Goodall candidly shares the adventure of her fascinating life, from stories of her favorite stuffed animal as a child — a chimpanzee — to the exciting days of her unprecedented journey in the jungle, her waltz with danger in the depths of the bush, her connection with the never-before studied chimpanzees, and how she feels that God’s hand was protecting and guiding her  throughout. This remarkable woman should be given a Nobel Prize for her courage alone! 

This book should be on the required reading list at all educational institutes, and must be read by everyone — whether you are a lover of wildlife, a student of philosophy or an average housewife trying to find the meaning behind it all — this book holds something for everyone. The Los Angeles Times has accurately pronounced Jane Goodall as “The Einstein of behavioral sciences”. As one news reporter put it, “The scarcity of Jane Goodalls . . . may be more ominous than the scarcity of chimpanzees”. An unfortunate but true observation. And as the Christian Science Monitor put it, “A heroine in a hero-less time,” Dr. Goodall and the work she does at the Goodall Institute definitely makes her this reviewer’s hero of the 20th century.

This book is available at local bookstores. For more information on the Jane Goodall Institute, please visit .

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