By Julianna Joyce Perkins



By k.t. Frankovich, Ruth Solomon, and David Taub 
There is a grassroots shift in the world of poetry.  So long identified as an academic pursuit, the poetry of 'ordinary people’’ is now enjoying a resurgence with what is termed 'accessible’’ poetry.  "Language of Souls" is such a work. 

The three writers of this collection are well-seasoned and acclaimed poets. k.t. Frankovich takes me to depths of soul that only Poe has previously achieved. David Taub, prestigious English journalist and poet, captures my senses and plays my emotions like a harpsichord, the resonance lingering on. Ruth Solomon grasps the heart with her understanding of fleeting humanity, her words a truth to ponder.  An added pleasure are the fascinating illustrations of Freydoon Rassouli. The artistic expressions swirl on the page, evoking a poetry of their own. 

When reading poetry one is tempted to envision poets of old with pen and quill in hand. Just the opposite with these three!  Frankovich, Solomon and Taub epitomize the twenty-first century poet. They are helping to shape our future by their high-tech approach.  They even developed their unique relations trans-continentally —— on-line!  With the Internet embracing our world, the international cultural barriers have fallen. We are entering a New World and these three are among the cultural leaders. 

They have a passion and commitment to others wanting to explore and evolve in the world of poetry.  David has a website with numerous links to every imaginable poetry link.  You can access it at:  or  .  

Language of Souls is available through , or the publisher at (877) 677-6857. Website: 


By k.t. Frankovich

Over the past few years, several writers approached k.t. Frankovich for permission to write about her life. K.t consistently declined, becoming more recluse-like as she lived quietly in the Ocala forest region of Florida with her pack of dogs, several cats and her cockateel, Gizmo. The entire 'family’’ shares one thing in common —— they all have experienced home-lessness and traumatic events which, on the surface, seemed destined to a tragic end.  Then she realized the time has come, and that her story must be told. Shock, horror, terror and disbelief are just a few emotions that k.t. relives, in turn invoking the same in the reader. 

Her life has been a roller-coaster of events and emotions from despair and heart-breaking tears to rib-splitting laughter. Her approach and method of dealing with situations, which sometimes seem insurmountable, are rarely conventional.  "Where Heavens Meet" is not the typical autobiography. Her many challenges are accompanied by paranormal experiences. She takes the reader into the world of the 'unknown and unexplainable’’ with her life-long abilities which she struggled hard to conceal from the world for much of her life.  Abilities which, if discussed with her professional colleagues, grounded in mainstream sciences, may have called her credentials as a wildlife observer and writer into question. 

Frankovich’’s writing style is unique —— stories within stories, some interwoven, some standing alone. This book is a shelf of books contained within its covers. It is a book which shows the reader extremes of humanity and inhumanity —— extremes of success and suffering. 

Roman Bandi, known as the publisher of poets, was captivated by this work.  He utilized his publishing expertise to bring "Where Heavens Meet" immediately to the international market.  In addition, k.t. has co-authored "Language of Souls" and is working on several other manuscripts including a children’s book titled "Whizzamagoo", and a children’s fairy tale titled "Wishville". 

Published by Language of Souls Publication, this book is available through  or the publisher at (877) 677-6857. Website:

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