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Feng Shui Concepts
Feng Shui Art

By Jenny T Liu, M.A.


In this article, I would like to share Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu’s inspiration for his paintings. His feng shui art — Chi Art — is completely different from traditional art in function, technique, concept, pattern, and subject matter.

It is created according to unique combination and understanding of the natural laws and theories of the Yi Jing, Yin Yang, Five Elements, Feng Shui, Cosmic Symbols, and the Chinese language. The light, colors, and shadows in Grand Master Liu’s paintings are reflections from visions received in his meditation and dreams.

The purpose of his art is to balance the energy of the individual, based on their astrology and the feng shui of their living environment. The following is an excerpt from his book, “Chi Art, The Ultimate Feng Shui Solution.”

It is an exclusive human blessing to have the ability to create art from the depths of our spirit. Nature’s laws are based on truth. The truth of who we really are, not that which is trapped in a physical and materialistic world; but what we are as a soul, an energy. Art can help us remember our dreams and goals. It frees our thinking; gives us unlimited imagination and visions.

Art only differs in medium and levels of expression. Whether the artwork looks like scraps of garbage, someone’s hobby, hangs on a museum wall or over someone’s fireplace, it is still art. The level depends on what inspired the image. Some are inspired by earthbound ref-erences, dreams or concepts. I am inspired by universal messages and energy.

My paintings are based on the synergy of cosmic patterns, colors and symbols to create a frequency that will help individuals get back in touch with their original and balanced chi — in harmony with universal energy. I was born with the ability to receive these cosmic messages.

I see symbols, hear sounds and sense frequencies and patterns that circulate the universe. I call these messages “fantasy language.” From this, I create “Chi Art” — my own form of expression.

These paintings are manifested from original sensations and subconscious feelings. They are images beheld by my third eye — the eye of awareness that opens when one is in deep meditation or when one communes with divine power and sees the world on spiritual dimensions.

Ancient mantra diagrams are often integrated into my work to invoke energizing effects. Mantra diagrams are charms made of specific signs and symbols based on cosmic frequencies that were recorded, charted and studied by ancient sages.

These paintings can help everyone sensitive to their condition, release stress, create a loving home, increase business fortune and ultimately, help us reach our fullest potential. My purpose is to help mankind overcome physical and mental disease, ignorance, negative karma and the many levels of suffering that occur when we have lost connection to our spiritual energy.

Mantra charms are helpful, but they can be more effective when they are empowered by special images. Sometimes, I dream about ascending green mountains. In climbing the mountains, I reach gates at different altitudes. Each gate is painted red and intuitively, I know that each gate symbolizes ten years of human life.

As I progress higher and higher and pass more and more gates, I reach a crown in the mountain. A soaring pagoda appears before me — it represents that I have reached a high goal. I can sense the symbolism: the climber of this mountain is experiencing life’s journey and will have a long, accomplished life.

This message was sent to me by cosmic powers. I know I must use the elements from my dreams to help other people. In this case, a painting inspired by this vision would be helpful to someone who wants a prosperous and long life. For those who see these paintings, they are often inspired to start living better and healthier because it feels right.

Everyone’s perception of beauty is different, but what is true for everyone is where we find beauty. Beauty originates from nature. Thus, it is nature that inspires these paintings. Natural elements, patterns, textures and diagrams like streams, morning dew, bubbles, shadows, water, mountains, fire, smoke, clouds, swirls of wind, stars, mist and a spectrum of colors all join forces. They symbolize that everything is in constant flux.

Beauty is of the moment and subjective. We only see what we are attracted to — where we feel magnetism. This force is based on the flow of energy from our past lives and karma, our mind-body system, our inborn energies and our needs and wishes. These factors influence the way we see and find beauty and define what we need in order to become balanced. These paintings are in harmony with the law of nature and become a reminder of the inherent beauty within our souls.

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Masters Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the Internet. Awarded for her Master’s Thesis on Feng Shui, Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For info, please visit: Liu-FengShui.com or call (626) 272-4901.