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Indigenous Traditions
Living in Harmony with Nature and God

By Jagadish Dass


About fifteen years ago, I was in Northern California working with a group of Shamanic practitioners, helping them with their “journeying” through “Sacred Energy Healing.” My work with them began when one of the disciples came to me for a private, Karma Clearing session. She experienced astounding results, recognizable to the group’s Shaman, after which they asked me to work with them. Thereafter, the group met once each month for the specialized Sacred Energy Healing.

Within two years time, Don Alejandro, a highly-respected, second-generation Peruvian Shaman, came to the area to further guide this group. We were introduced and had many long, inspired talks. As my honored guests, I invited him and his entourage to the monthly group I facilitated, and an amazing thing happened: don Alejandro experienced a full shamanic journey — without psycho-tropic plant use!

After the event, he was bowing to me throughout the afternoon and evening with great respect, and soon thereafter, made me an Honorary Shaman. He was so astounded having had a profound journey by way of Sacred Energy work alone.

Through my exposure to and experience with the indigenous western Shamanic traditions, I noted many wonderful similarities and parallels to the concepts and perspectives found in my own Rasik tradition of India, as well as with those of other indigenous traditions.

Commonly, shamanic practices and special abilities are gained through many years of training, including specialized healing practices. The Shaman often “journeys” into other realms to acquire Knowledge for healing members of their community. This knowledge is sometimes gained from communication with, and enlisting help from, Celestial Beings. Ritualistic practices are also used for spiritual advancement and maturity.

In the Rasik tradition, one is taught to embody the secret ways of the Initiate (with special practices, including disciplines and observances), on a path carved by generations and generations of Siddhas (fully-accomplished, perfected saints) who have transversed it to completion. A sincere sadhu practitioner actually gets assistance from the Spiritual Realms through these very accomplished Siddhas, both those living in the present, as well as those who lived hundreds and even thousands of years ago!

Some Shamanic traditions use the mystical and usually secret practice of cultivating a “Double.” The Double is an “energy body” used to explore other realms of reality. In some traditions, the Double or Energy Body is a gift through Initiation. Thereafter, through a committed, daily fulfillment of specific disciplines, there is a continued co-creation of such a body so it can be actualized and made ready for conscious use.

Similarly, by living and pursuing a specialized, committed meditation practice, Eastern Rasik yogis attain direct, loving exchanges with God, which led to further “traveling to” or “entering into” the Pure Spiritual realm of Source God. How is this accomplished? Through a spiritual body!

Gifted to the practitioner through Initiation by the Spiritual Master (Empowered Guru), and co-created and developed by the practitioner’s focused and devoted spiritual practices, the “spiritual body” is developed and used for the practitioner’s direct experience and realization.
Love of the Earth and communicating with the wisdom inherent in the Land makes the Land Holy and Sacred in most Indigenous Traditions. Love of Earth creates a communal alignment, an “up-lifting” and integrity that nurtures wholeness within the tribe, as well as the individual.

Also of great importance is the perpetual evolution of the abilities of the Shaman, along with the general populace. This is embraced as a key factor in the evolution of our species, other species, and the Planet as a whole. This includes interaction with the astral realms, spiritual realms, spiritual illumination and whole-being transformation.

Most indigenous tribes in the world have traditions that involve a reciprocal, caring relationship with the Earth and with their immediate environment. Most live in such a way as to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. This way of “Being” extends to their respectful interaction with each other, and fosters a natural honesty within themselves.

The Babajis I lived with during the 70’s and 80’s, in specific Holy Places of India and Nepal, as well as many other Sadhus (Holy Persons) of India, live a life of extreme simplicity and naturalness, with only the barest of necessities. The Sadhus of India live so as to embody Holiness, and demonstrate compassion to others, especially their students, in the form of unasked-for miracles of healing, bliss and comfort on the path.

Within most Indigenous Traditions is a strong belief in the sacredness of specific areas of the Earth, places that act as portals to other realities and Realms. There are many such Holy Places in India that are literal meccas for Sadhus to live. The Sacred Holy Places of my Tradition are places where, thousands of years ago, Original Source God descended and lived. These Holy Places have their Original counterparts in God’s Pure Spiritual Realm, beyond this world.

In such Holy Places, God can still be seen and interacted with on a personal level. Here, advanced practitioners can see manifestations and expressions of God; internally, while absorbed in deep, meditative, Samadhi states of spiritual ecstasy; and at times externally, while sitting or walking in the area, just as you and I would see each other when passing on the sidewalk.

Most of us are drawn to mystical experience and the magic it invokes. Shamanism is the mystical side of many sacred Indigenous traditions involving the performance of special practices that lead to the acquisition of great power, abilities and understanding; “miracles” of various sorts, and the offering of a special, secret vehicle to access the inconceivable “experience-of-all experiences.”

The Rasik Tradition offers similar training and experience, but seeks to empower those deeply interested in participating, to gain the ultimate residence and loving intimacy with original source God. For all of this, we say: Enter Here. ~ Namaste

Jagadish, founder of Sacred Ecology 33, a spiritual ecological non profit, is an empowered lineage holder of a rare and sacred Rasik Tradition of India. Blessed with the gift of profound healing, he offers public and private sessions. Jagadish uses sacred energy healing and transmission to assist in clearing and rebalancing an individual’s psycho-physical field of body, mind and soul. He clears karmic energy accumulated from past/current lives as well as conducting ancestral healing and distance emergency healing. To learn more about Jagadish and his free events, visit Jagadish.org events page, or call (877) 838-1133 for more information.