The Sound of Love:
By Maryel McKinley-Udiljak C.C.D.C.



Imagine hearing the sound of an enchanting "love Flute," beckoning you from a distant meadow.  The hypnotic and spellbinding melody of your lover's call reaches and soothes your innermost being, mesmerizing you with its haunting sound.  You recognize the voice of your ancestors and a song of hope for your predecessors; as you have finally found the sound of love.

This is not just a pipedream, it is a possibility. Victoria Hopkins and Stephen DeRuby have been hand- crafting Native American Indian Love Flutes for the last decade. Victoria believes art is a Divine collaboration - the soul's longing to find, know and express itself. She honors the source of her gifts and is grateful to be using them in this work of the heart, co-creating an instrument for inspiration and healing for celebrating life and peace.

Stephen has studied shamanism and obtained his first flute from Tom White Eagle. At this point Stephen felt drawn to making flutes, drums and other acoustic instruments as "works of love". He also composes, records and produces his own music which honors the traditional origins of native flutes on the Earth Tone record label.

Love Flutes are considered instruments of "spiritual expression", coupling the vibration of ancient flutes with the clarity of modern day woodwinds. These flutes are definitely unprecedented in this microwave age of quantity rather than quality. According to Brooke Medicine Eagle, American native earthkeeper and wisdom teacher, and author of "Buffalo Woman Comes Singing"; his handcrafted flute is "a most precious possession. Not only does it play beautifully and resonantly, it also carries the integrity of the energy of very conscious creators who work in a sacred way."

Victoria and Stephen have made it possible for anyone to play the sound of love as the ancients did, on your very own handcrafted inspirational instrument. Their goal is that each flute will bring hope, wisdom and joy while soothing the soul. The healing vibrations help soothe the spirit by igniting a feeling of oneness with The Creator.

These instruments of peace, which are carefully tuned to the pentatonic scale, are made from choice aromatic cedar; a flute worthy of its great source - the living tree. Even beginners can bring forth seductive sounds from these hand-rubbed, oil-finished flutes. The creators of these personalized flutes that display animal spirit fetish engravings, suggest you "just let the flute play you" and notice how Mother Earth's creatures respond to this call of the wild.

Picture yourself leaning against a rock near the brook, sending the sounds of love through the forest to your beloved; and as you fall in love with the sound of love, you'll remember that Love never left you.

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