The Interconnectedness of All Things
Taught through Medicine Wheel Art
By Eagle Soaring



Dennis Meehan, Eagle Soaring, is a lecturer and Medicine Wheel artist who teaches the interconnectedness of all things. Through his writing, speaking and art, he encourages people to step forward and use the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel ‹ the sacred hoop called Mitakuye Oyasin which means "All My Relations".

He was born in 1937 in Wisconsin and is 1/8 Oglala Sioux (his great grandmother was the daughter of Chief Red Cloud).

Eagle Soaring began his work as a wildlife artist in San Diego where he was a founder and director of the Art Institute of San Diego. His work as a Medicine Wheel artist began in 1989 when the minister of his church asked him to create a power shield for one of the members making his transition to the Spirit world.

In 1991 he was invited by Sun Bear, a famous Chippewa earth prophet, author and lecturer, to study with him and join him on the speaking circuit to talk about the Medicine Wheel. Unfortunately this alliance was never formed since Sun Bear made his transition shortly thereafter. Eagle Soaring made a promise to Sun Bear that he would dedicate the rest of his life to carrying the message given to him by Sun Bear.

His lectures and speaking engagements throughout the country, in conjunction with his art shows, encourage people to step forward to use the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel, the sacred hoop called Mitakuye Oyasin. His teachings help humans to understand there is no separation between mankind, the animal kingdom, the plants and the rocks. He says, "All things on earth have a common bond. When the Earth Mother speaks to you, or the animals come to you, this is a message from the Great Spirit. Learn this simple wisdom and you can break down the barriers that keep you stuck."

Eagle Soaring received an invitation from the United Nations to speak at the U.N. Society for Enlightenment and Transformation in 1997. His speech was so well received that he was asked to submit a summary of this vital message to be published in the U.N. quarterly newsletter. Long may his message be heard as he continues to honor his promise to Sun Bear.

Ripe Berries Moon is the time when the heat of the sun ripens the fruit of the earth, when man stops from his work to enjoy the warmth of long days and to rest and relax himself before the increased activities that the changing seasons will bring.

Regarded as a time of openness and warmth, children of Ripe Berries Moon reflect these qualities. With Father Sun at his most powerful point, when in balance, you are energetic and creative with an outgoing personality that is described by most as "sunny". The influence of the sun's energy is evident in your self-esteem and creates in you enjoyment of being looked up to and appreciated.

Being born during Ripe Berries Moon, you are living under the influence of the Power of the South, whose energies operate in the spirit of trust and innocence.

Innocence, to the Native People, means preserving the purity of childhood, while enjoying the unfolding of the experiences and lessons along the Life Walk. There is a special need for you to trust in your feelings and intuitions during the process of change that we all experience in maturing. Being born at this time in Native American wisdom, you are perceived as royalty. You have the ability to teach the multitude of people.

Shawnodese is the Spirit Keeper of the South Wind and is carried in the warm breath of Brother Coyote. Coyote, the trickster, the one who can force folks to learn even when they don't want to. By being tricked and then learning necessary lessons, Earth's children learn to trust in life and the lessons that it brings. You become comfortable as you are and don't wish to experience the pain that rapid growth sometimes brings. At these times the power of Shawnodese and Coyote are needed to help both of you grow and continue your sacred path.

The two-leggeds of Shawnodese are loving, friendly, and gregarious; usually touching many others with your energies and your knowledge. The green of the rapidly growing plants and the yellow of Father Sun symbolize Shawnodese's Spirit.

You are born of the Thunderbird Clan, and your natural element is fire. Like the true energy of fire and the sun, you have the ability to burn away outside influences for yourself and others in your circle by simplifying problems to their base and then recreating a more suitable reality. This is your inner Power.

Thunderbird people are creators, always involved in beginning new projects and blazing new trails for others to follow. Often in a position of leadership, they are comfortable in the spotlight and can express themselves best when bathed in its warm glow.

Your Power Animal is Sturgeon. Regarded by the Native American as the Keeper of Longevity, both the Sturgeon and his two-legged spawn are blessed with the capacity for a long life.

You have chosen one of the more difficult paths on the Medicine Wheel to move through on this Earth Walk, as it provides you with a seemingly endless cycle of emotional upsets and traumas.

The path you are on leads you to discover purposefulness. Because of your strong desire to be the center of attention, you stand out and establish your individuality. Your life path is likely to lead you into making things happen by the use of your strong will. The lesson for you is to control your egotism, to put trust and integrity in place of pride and vanity and to develop the spiritual balance that is your tool to self control and true self-esteem.

Sturgeon people tend to be uncompromising in their opinions. Whatever view is held at the moment is the only right one. The problem is they tend to change their views quite radically, then promote the new view with such intensity that they will convince others and themselves it is the only one they ever had.

The playful Otter brings her gift of joy and balanced female energy into your shield, to remind you of the side of your nature that allows others space in your life without being prejudged. She can help you lower your defenses.

From Otter you can learn to let go of your intensity and driving ambition and temper your aggressiveness with gentleness, learn to play and relax, and let life unfold without your feeding into your tendency to worry. Otter would also have you loosen your grip on material things that would keep you from growing. What do you hold onto that would be best set free?

Hawk medicine teaches you to be more aware of your environment. His shrill cry is an alarm to your senses to realize you are missing some of the guiding signals and omens sent to you by your Creator. Hawk's message in your shield is: keep your spirit in a high place, know that life's experiences are but a piece of the larger puzzle and each will fit perfectly into the other. See the whole puzzle instead of concentrating so intensely on one piece.

Your plant is the Red Raspberry. The leaves, roots and berries are considered to be medicinal. The berries are delicious and cleanse the system, act as a mild laxative and stimulate the urinary organs.

The root of the plant is astringent and healing, being used as a gargle for sore throats, and the tea is said to relieve nausea, especially in pregnant women and in problems with a menstrual cycle. It helps also to cleanse the mucous membranes and balances blood sugar levels. More than likely this plant will heal the afflictions you create by the energy you carry.

Your ruling color is the Red of the ripe raspberry or of the Garnet. This is the longest and slowest wavelength in the spectrum and is significant of the high physical energy, the natural power, the abundance of vital life force and the strong will you usually have.

Red's purpose might be described as expression through external experiences. You enjoy being engaged in a flurry of activity, but should your expression and growth be blocked, you are likely to become frustrated and anxious. It is hard to achieve balance and tolerance of others when the red ray is such a powerful influence, but that is the big lesson to be learned through your life experience.

Your gemstone is the Garnet. Because of its color, the red garnet is associated with the heart and blood. The garnet has been believed to warn its owners of danger and insure a good and honorable life if it were engraved with the figure of a cougar. The garnet was also believed to balance sexual energies.

Like the garnet, Sturgeon people are often identified with their hearts, which tend to be large and affectionate. Because you work from your heart center, you tend to be intuitive and perceptive, having clairvoyant talents either actively or latently.

Your other mineral is Iron, one of the hardest minerals. It is the mineral that brings cultures to the threshold of the new age and gives them new tools that help destroy their old culture and traditions. Iron does mix well with other minerals and is responsible for the red color of various gems. Iron is also the central ion in the hemoglobin molecule, upon which the human body depends for survival.

Eagle Soaring is presenting a 3-day Celebration of Life workshop featuring lectures and teachings based upon Native American Shamanic wisdom. Dates are August 6-8 and August 27-29. He will also be appearing at expos around the country throughout the rest of this year. For more information, please call (520) 567-5868.

Individual Power Shields depicting a woodland scene including all of your contributing spiritual influences, are available for purchase in pen and ink at $295, and also in color at $395. These are 19" x 24" and suitable for framing. The Mitakuye Oyasin, depicting all twelve moons of the Medicine Wheel, the Spirit Keepers of the Four Directions, Power Animals and Clan Membership, is also 19" x 24" and available in a limited edition pen and ink drawing at $100, and in color at $400. Please include applicable sales tax and $16.00 for shipping charges within the U.S.

For further information on Eagle Soaring's schedule, his workshops, or Power Shields, please contact him at: P.O. Box 5647, Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342, or call (520) 567-5868. E-mail: . You can also check out his website at .

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