Cherishing Each Other's Dreams
By Scott & Shannon Peck



Our dreams power the universe. Within each of us are vast, creative dreams. We dream of what we would like to do, accomplish, and be.

For most of us, these dreams lay buried within the secrets of our inner soul. Our dreams are sometimes so fragile that we are too embarrassed to reveal them - sometimes even to ourselves.

Nothing liberates the inner core of who we are as much as a love-mate who cherishes our dreams and loves us so deeply that our richest, deepest identity is brought to the surface, recognized, and gloriously valued.

Here are two examples of how we cherished each other's dreams and the phenomenal results.

Shannon's Dreams Liberated
I have felt for a long time that each of us is here to carry out a grand purpose as part of a Divine plan. Within each of us is a deep spiritual purpose calling us forth to know and be who we truly are. In my work as a spiritual healer, I have helped many to connect with their spiritual niche.

My own niche, however, was only being partially realized before I met Scott. I felt a deep longing to write and yearned to get my message out. I knew that my Divine message could help many more people than I was reaching in my present healing practice.

When Scott and I met, I learned he was a writer. My heart jumped! "Maybe he'll help me one day," I quietly hoped.

It was early in our precious friendship that he offered his help. I leaped forward with, "Yes! I'd love your help!" Even as I spoke I was flooded with doubts. "He'll probably forget and get too busy, or I will appear to be such a huge project for him that he'll bow out." I was convinced that it would take his entire writing career just to teach me writing skills!

Scott, however, meant exactly what he said. He soon encouraged me to write an article on my favorite subject - spiritual healing. He said we would edit it together.

So I wrote it and we edited. It was published in a national magazine, then eventually published in other languages as well.

My biggest, deepest life dream had received such thorough cherishing that it was actualized. I felt such love!

Without Scott cherishing my dreams, I am sure it would still be stuck in a closet, hoping one day to be expressed. This is the cherishing of dreams you deserve as well!

Scott's dreams liberated
I will never forget Shannon's liberation of my own private dreams. Sitting in front of the fireplace at her home, in the first winter of our love, I felt her joy and the power of her caring. She asked me what I most desired in life.

In an instant, I silently reviewed my whole life - including my failed marriage - and came to a mental standstill. I was too discouraged to answer.

Right then, Shannon declared: "Let's affirm right now that you can know your highest purpose in life and nothing can prevent that idea from coming forth in full completeness and visibility."

Wow! I was not accustomed to such a powerful and loving affirmation - and we were only on a date!

Later that evening, still feeling Shannon's cherishing of my dreams, something clicked within me. I felt so appreciated, valued, and loved by Shannon that my fears, shame, confusion, inadequacies, challenges, and doubts vanished in my consciousness. Her listening and non-judgmental love called forth my true identity and caused a paradigm-shift in my sense of who I was. I felt the real me awakening. My dreams poured forth and were a revelation - even to me! I remember writing on the pad:

"I feel compelled to write a book that will open people to the love they truly deserve."

I felt like a completely new person. Something deep within my consciousness had come to the surface. I felt that my lifepath had surfaced with great clarity. We soon married (I'm no fool), and our book, "The Love You Deserve" was published last year ‹ the fruit of Shannon's cherishing of my dreams. Can you imagine how loved I felt?

This is the love you deserve too. It is your spiritual right to have your dreams cherished, supported, and honored. Welcome to the heart of Love!

Scott & Shannon Peck are co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing all mankind into the heart of Love. They speak and conduct workshops on love, liberating magnificence, and spiritual healing. This column is based on their book, "The Love You Deserve: 10 Keys to Perfect Love". Their new book, "Liberating Your Magnificence: 25 Keys to Loving and Healing Yourself" will be released in September. For more information, visit   or call 1 (800) 266-1525.

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