Where will you be on August 13, 1999?
The Aztec Sun Calendar and the Explosion of Mexican Spirituality
By John Mini



I'll never forget the look of surprise and joy in one of my Chicano friend's eyes when a medicine man from New Mexico spoke the name of the Sun God in his native language. "That's the same word we use!" My friend exclaimed.

This moment captured the essence of a spiritual revolution. We are suddenly understanding that Mexican spirituality IS Native American spirituality. And with this realization, the divide-and-conquer tactics of the Conquest that have lived at the imaginary border between the U.S. and Mexico are beginning to dissolve. Fast.

Imagine this: Teotihuacan, Mexico, March 21, 1999. More than five hundred thousand people gathered to participate in this year's equinox ceremony. Every square inch of space at the ruins was occupied by a human being who made a pilgrimage there to reaffirm and rebirth the indigenous Mexican spirituality. And these half-million souls were not alone. Major equinox ceremonies took place at each of the sacred sites throughout Mexico.

A tremendous power and potential is being activated by the Mexican and Chicano people right now. Clearly, the time has come at last for them to return to their roots. This return is bursting forth in the incredible revival of native spirituality that has been so repressed in Mexico for the last five hundred years. They are understanding that they can own their past with respect, dignity and honor ‹ and bring back the powerful traditions of their ancestors.

One of the main inspirations for this spiritual revolution comes from a familiar, yet thoroughly mysterious symbol ‹ the Aztec Sun Calendar. This year, there is a very special focus on one part of the Calendar and its penetrating vision into what may happen on August 13, 1999.

The glyph at the top of the Aztec Sun Calendar is called 13 Cane. This unique symbol has many interpretations. One of them is August 13, 1999. 13 Cane has a number of esoteric associations that cluster together to form its complex meaning. Overall, It conveys the notions of movement, freedom, change, simplification, the sky, Heaven, visions, inspiration, emptying, completion, returning to origin, centrality, choice, possibility and the beginning of a new cycle. Does it seem like the Aztecs are conveying an encouraging, positive message to us across time?

Aztec legend says there is going to be a tremendous confluence of ecological, economic, social, political and psychological forces that are going to come together like a tidal wave on August 13, 1999. The beautiful wisdom behind this legend also tells us that if we are smart, we can use this tidal wave to manifest our dreams, wishes and goals. This is why August 13, 1999 is known as the Day of Destiny. It is a day where we can powerfully turn our dreams into reality.

The August 13, 1999 forecast flies in the face of everything we know about predictability and probability. In a situation with as many variables as the ecosystem of planet Earth, there is no way we know of to make a prediction of such all-encompassing magnitude. The equation is just too complex. According to our current level of mathematical predictive science, no one could make a forecast of such accuracy.

But what if someone did?

The Aztecs were profound natural scientists. Their powers of observation and highly developed mathematics allowed them to probe very deeply into the ways our world works. Like all good scientists, they modeled their achievements after what they learned by observing nature. The Aztecs had different cultural perceptions than we do today. This helped them to understand and map the world very differently than we have until recently.

The Aztec Sun Calendar is a highly-detailed map of Aztec cosmology. On the simplest level, it is correct to call this magnificent work of art a calendar. Some portions of the Calendar relate to the passage of time, but not in a linear, unidirectional sense as we perceive and describe it. Nor does it treat time as a subject that is somehow separate from the rest of everything. The Aztec Sun Calendar incorporates a number of different kinds of calendars into its design that interface and cross reference each other. In this sense, the Calendar is holistic, because it looks at a subject from multiple perspectives.

The astronomical and astrological dimensions of the Calendar could fill many volumes. Yet the very concept of time as a linear or even a circular process is misleading. The Aztec Sun Calendar connects us with an ever-present here and now. It shows how we are exposed to and participate in the unfolding of multiple energy fields and patterns within an infinite moment. Each of these fields has its own unique qualities. Our impressions of the continuity of these changes create our perceptions of time.

We also believe in cycles and resonances of time in our modern world. For example, the way we celebrate holidays. We believe a day in one year can have a resonance with the "same" day in a completely different year.

The Aztecs use symbols like the Sun Calendar as calculators and computers. Its multiple geometries plumb the depths of number theory. It is similar to many of the ancient classics, because it can put a whole body of knowledge together for you. Once you know the science behind it, the calendar becomes a fountainhead of information.

Here is an example. Modern chaos scientists use non-linear equations to make models of natural phenomena. The Aztec Sun Calendar is a non-linear model. It describes how subtle factors can compile within a dynamic system until at some critical moment, the entire system abruptly crumbles into chaos. Then an incredible transformation occurs. The system emerges from the furnace of chaos and reorders itself into a new kind of system. When does this critical moment happen? We can't exactly say. We can't make the same kinds of predictions with non-linear systems that we can with linear ones, because the evolution of a living, dynamic system is unpredictable. Yet the Aztecs believed this critical moment may happen on a global scale this August 13.

The Aztecs understood probability. They knew enough to predict Cortes' arrival in Mexico to the day. When he landed his ships on the shores of Veracruz in 1519, the native Mexicans were there waiting for him. They had been preparing for that day for centuries. They knew enough about probability to predict the fall of their own empire to the exact day. They also made a third forecast: the Aztec civilization will rise again on August 13, 1999, and our entire world will come together in a way that has never been done before.

The Aztecs didn't create the Sun Calendar just for themselves. They also made it for us. Why? Because they considered us to be their great great great great great grandchildren. They loved us as indigenous parents love their children.

The Aztecs wanted to give us a condensed and complete version of all the things we would need to survive and meet the challenges of August 13, 1999. They wanted to carry their message to us across time, so they created objects they knew would endure for thousands of years into the future. The ancients of Mexico carved their understanding into stone, encoding and encrypting their entire science into a symbolic form as a memory tool. They wanted to preserve their natural wisdom for us so it could be revealed when we most need it. The Aztec Sun Calendar is more about choices and probabilities than pre-determined outcomes. It teaches us how our future is unfolding moment by moment, and is implicitly connected with each choice we make. What will our collective choices be as we draw closer to August 13, 1999? The Aztec Sun Calendar teaches us how simple systems can mushroom into wild complexity. The places where complexity comes into a system are very important. Modern chaos scientists have found these places are pressure points that are highly sensitive to incoming information or changes of any kind. They are critical moments and locations that can magnify the effects of nuance. If we introduce any change at one of these critical points, it can create effects that spiral completely out of proportion to anything we would expect from such a small amount of input. This is why your actions on August 13, 1999 can have such a powerful effect on our entire planet.

How can you take a proactive, creative and personally responsible position to prepare for August 13, 1999? Be a part of what is happening. You can influence what will happen on the Day of Destiny. The things you do make a difference. You are always adding your thread to the web of life, perpetually empowering yourself and the rest of us at the same time. You matter. Every little thing you do affects us all. Actively involve yourself with August 13, 1999. Look for right timing. Respond to your inner call. Make your moves. Your actions are building our future.

John Mini holds a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is an acupuncturist and herbalist in Sausalito, California. Eleven years ago, John followed an inner call to travel to Mexico. On this trip he met native people who taught him the hidden traditions and treasures of the Aztecs, particularly the important scientific information contained within the Aztec Sun Calendar. He waited for 10 years for someone else to write about it, then he realized it was up to him.

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