by Pba-Quen-Nee-e



The Creation is formed by the two Medicine Men who are traveling into the spirit world. The Medicine Man at the bottom is the ocean coming to the surface to meet the power of the other Medicine Man of the upper world. The Medicine Bird and the Night Bird are exchanging their two lives in mid air. Black represents the night; white is the day; brown is the Earth; green is the evergreen tree; yellow is the sun; orange is the early evening; red is the late evening; blue is the Taos Pueblo Blue Lake; gold is the autumn. The four feathers represent the Four Directions of life, and the circle is the cycle of life. For more information about this incredible artist, please see feature on page 9. You may contact him at (505) 751-0275 or check out their website: www.newmex.com/drum2000 .

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