By Julianna Perkins



Primal Awareness
By Don Trent Jacobs
In 1983 Don Trent Jacobs embarked on a journey that has changed his life. His adventure occurs in Mexico's Copper Canyon. While kayaking the Rio Urique, a violent rainstorm swept Don into an impassable catacomb of underwater tunnels toward what he believed to be certain death.

Instead of fear Don felt a sense of peace and was then incredibly and miraculously spit from the tunnel alive - and the journey begins.

Don shares details of his encounters with some remarkable people known as the Raramuri. Their life-style is a direct result of their ability to transcend the physical and stay in touch with aspects of being that most of us have never experienced.

"PRIMAL AWARENESS" tells the story of Don's compelling spiritual quest. He refers to his experience as "primal awareness' ‹ an innate knowledge that exists within us all. Jacobs shows how we can rediscover this primordial mandate that unites all things and helps us to find our own inner strength and harmony.

He describes a way to harmonious living which he refers to as the CAT-FAWN connection. This paradigm symbolizes the associations that have patterned the thinking styles of many indigenous people, especially Native Americans. Whoever has maintained this awareness throughout history, regardless of skin color or religious faith, has managed to do a better job of preventing disharmonious relationships from dominating life and its structures.

Don holds one doctorate in health psychology and another in education. He chairs the Education Department of the Oglala Lakota College on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

This book, published by Inner Traditions, is available at your local bookstore, on,, or by calling (800) gotoit. Proceeds from the book go to help the Raramuri Indians.



Day of Destiny
Where will you be on August 13, 1999?

By John Mini

The Aztec Sun Calendar is a fascinating puzzle that, according to many, predicts August 13, 1999 as the end of our existence. John Mini says the Aztecs were really forecasting a profound turning point in human history. Is this the end of existence as we know it? And a beginning of life as it was meant to be? A world of harmony and unity? A world where we can communicate on a level only dreamed of?

One of the best ways to study Aztec culture is by learning about the Sun Calendar. The Calendar teaches and encourages you to engage with your life from multiple points of orientation, or how to operate from a number of truths at the same time. It teaches you about synthesis.

A living tradition is revealed in "Day of Destiny". A tradition that lives and breathes inside of you. It forms the structure of your perception and processes. It is a tradition that can't be lost because it transcends all cultures and times. If you go back far enough you will find we all come from the same root culture somewhere in ancient prehistory. You can find evidence of the same indigenous sciences, and will even discover we all spoke the same language.

John has vast knowledge of this awesome calendar. The scholarly text of "Day of Destiny" imparts information so detailed and valuable that John could totally ignore the August 13th date and still provide a book filled with useful facts and fascinating parallels.

Once you comprehend the depths in which this ancient culture existed, the exactness of their predictions, you will view this date of August 13, 1999, with renewed hope and enlightened attitude. You will view the world in new ways. Best of all, you will survive.

This book, published by Trans-Hyperborean Institute of Science, is available at your local bookstore, or by calling T.H.I.S. at (800) 485-8095.



Eyes of Wisdom
The Myth of White Buffalo Woman

By Heyoka Merrifield

Many stories circulate regarding the Myth of White Buffalo Woman, shrouded in mystery, full of teaching for those who will hear.

Heyoka Merrifield weaves the pieces together with his intuitive and creative abilities. He presents the story of White Buffalo Woman as told through the eyes of two brothers on their journey through life. The story is so compelling that we are moved to hunt for our own path.

The writing style is so strong, that I felt I was sitting by a campfire, being told the story by the man who had lived it.

The characters in "EYES OF WISDOM" bring a tender and poignant look at a life and time few of us can conceive of. We have a glimpse of a tradition and belief system that stands on the very principles and truths we all value. Through the differences in culture, Heyoka shows us the similarities we have at our core - the core of which must resurface in order to walk with the Eyes of Wisdom.

This book, published by Rainbird Publishers, is available by calling (888) 453-4045.



Neither Wolf Nor Dog
The Wisdom of the Native Americans
Both by Kent Nerburn

This lyrical view of Native American life has an extraordinary story of its own behind it. The author of "NEITHER WOLF NOR DOG" received a mysterious call from the granddaughter of a 78-year-old Lakota Man we'll call Dan. When a meeting between the two men finally came about, Nerburn ended up going on a journey he wasn't expecting.

Kent Nerburn, an author, sculptor and educator, has strong credentials and proven credibility. That is why Dan chose him to tell his story. Dan tells of the world we lost, the world we now live in, and the vision he hopes will come about.

Kent has a second new release. "The Wisdom of the Native Americans". This is a book that has been needed for a long time. It is a collection of the best of Native American wisdom, featuring Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Black Elk, Ohiyesa and many others.

These teachings record observations of life and social affairs, first-person testimony, and wisdom. It is a collection that is a must for those who are truly open to hearing and learning something meaningful and timeless.

These books, published by New World Library, are available at your local bookstore.


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