By Paula Hamilton




Call it Millennium Fever if you must, but a growing number of people seem to think "something" is going to happen around the turn of the new millennium. Not necessarily at the stroke of Y2K midnight, but more than that. There are ancient writings from a variety of cultures, some that don't even exist anymore, that point to a change or period in history where consciousness will be affected.

Gregg Braden has put together a two-cassette lecture on what he calls the upcoming "Shift of the Ages". A former geologist, Gregg's first tape reels in a variety of topics aimed at focusing your awareness on changes that are currently taking place in such diverse areas as the weather, the solar system, viruses, the magnetics of the North Pole and more. He discusses some of the writings and calendar systems of other cultures, and talks about diverse subjects like crop circles, discovered chambers of the Sphinx in Egypt, the birth of Miracle, the white buffalo and the Shroud of Turin.

A far cry from conspiratorial hysterics or hyped-up misinformation, Gregg seems to have struggled to err on the side of conservativism in an effort to reach people who may otherwise be turned off by what they perceive to be hoaxed or fringe information. His aim seems to be genuinely (and gently) to arouse the awareness of the listener to the possibility that perhaps we are in a time in history that necessitates a change; be it through the excess of our modern times, the profound lack of awareness we have shown in the past, a culmination of the gross interference of nature displayed in this past century, or just a natural turning point in our global society.

Once we have achieved that point, "Zero Point", he then goes on to discuss "Beyond" in tape two. It is a hopeful, rather than frightful mess-age. If we are at a point of change, what does that mean in terms of our growth and development? What are we free to do, and free to stop doing? How can we better tune ourselves in to this time, so as to make the most of this opportunity? If nothing else happens to global mankind, than a good hard look at who and what we are, how we view and act toward each other, our planet and all that's contained in it, then a shift in consciousness has occurred.

It's not a far fetched idea that we need to make some changes. Although we have made great strides in many areas, I don't think anyone can honestly say we don't have a long way to go. With the balance becoming ever more tenuous, and tension noticeably increasing, perhaps time is of the essence. An interesting set of tapes, with a balanced perspective. If you feel "something" maybe happening, and would like information about it, this tape will be food for thought. The total time is a hefty three hours and I really enjoyed the lecture presented.

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Wondering what a C.H.T. is? It's a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Wondering what a C.H.T. has to do with menopause? Well, a unique and much needed approach to healing, for one. Linda's audio tape is superb and literally packed with helpful information.

Side one begins with a general discussion on menopause and what it means in various cultures. Signs and symptoms are discussed and the listener can determine if she really is in menopause. Linda then goes on to list the traditional methods of intervention along with the pro's and cons.

She also gives a near exhaustive list of herbal aids that can be used for problems specific to menopause. She includes natural vitamin supplements and makes excellent suggestions for diet, exercise and aroma-therapy to aid in healing and tempering symptoms. The amount of information is immense. She saves the listener a tremendous amount of time looking through multiple resources to compile a list that covers everything.

I would recommend listening to it once and then arming yourself with a pencil and paper to slowly copy down the information given, as you listen the second time. It would be beneficial to use a cassette player where you could easily pause for time to write. It is valuable, helpful and will provide women with viable, healthy alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy, if they desire. If not as a replacement, the information can be utilized as adjunct therapy. In any case, the more informed a woman is, the better decisions she can make regarding her healthcare options.

As if this weren't enough, Side Two contains seven specific visualizations designed to assist with taming the worst of menopausal symptoms. (Ah, here is where the C.H.T. comes in to play) The mind-body connection is beautifully handled with visualizations for Hot Flashes, Emotional Stress, Vaginal Dryness, Urinary Symptoms, Osteoporosis, Heavy and Irregular periods.

What I like most about this tape is the solid foundation Linda provides for each subject discussed. She has "done her homework" and it shows. I also like the essence of "spirituality" that is in this tape. It is healthy, healing and empowering. Every minute on this tape was worthwhile. A resource for women in pre-menopause and a must for women currently in menopause. Truly worth its weight in gold! I can say it's highly recommended as a woman and a Registered Nurse. Knowledge is power, so arm yourself. Because as every wo-man knows it is a battle out there!

More information can be obtained from (800) 555-5453 on the West coast and (800)762-6841 on the East coast.

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