The Magic of Prosperity Thinking
By Eddie Coronado M.A.

Part of your spiritual heritage in this lifetime is to be prosperous. Humans were meant to experience abundance in every area of life, including finances. Unfortunately, millions of people continue living at the mercy of the dollar bill while others seem to prosper around every corner. It has been said that some people were "born under a lucky star" or that others are "meant to be rich". In reality, though, prosperity is available to anyone who will step forward to claim it by applying prosperity thinking to daily life.

A few years ago, I began learning about the spiritual side of money and of my relationship with it. In less than a year I developed what is known as a "prosperity consciousness", which has since brought me wonderful results. To date, I have gotten a raise at work and won $50,000 from the California Lottery, and I continue to attract countless opportunities, wonderful relationships, and thousands of additional dollars on a regular basis. Of course, critics will attribute my good fortune to luck because they cannot understand how a person can manipulate his finances through the force of thought. But the critics are flat-out wrong. There is a dynamic power within humanity which can be used to produce wonderful results once a person understands the workings of this power and learns how to use it.

The ancient mystics understood our true spiritual nature. They taught that our lives and the events that surround us are external manifestations of our thoughts and feelings. The assumption that events just happen indiscriminately and that we are ticket-holders in the great lottery of fate is not metaphysically correct. Our day-to-day experiences are shaped according to the quality of beliefs we hold about ourselves. If we carefully analyze the "money beliefs" of a millionaire and a poor person, we would quickly realize that the rich person has a mental blueprint of abundance etched in his subconscious mind while the poor guy continually reaffirms his lack by saying, "There's never enough" and "I can't afford it". The struggling man clearly exemplifies what most of humanity believes about money. The worldwide tales of financial lack and limitation are all too familiar.

The truth of the matter, however, is that the wealth of the planet is so abundant that if it were divided among all the people equally, everyone would be a millionaire. In spite of this wonderful truth, scores of people continue living in financial lack although the Universe has provided so much abundance for us. The key to this unlimited prosperity lies within your consciousness.

The surest way to attract prosperity is to create it mentally first, meaning that we must "sow" thoughts of abundance if we wish to "reap" financial rewards on an outer level. The writer of Proverbs, King Solomon, understood the law of mental attraction when he wrote, "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." It was no mystery to Solomon that thoughts are highly creative, and that we are surrounded by a universal force that attracts conditions which reflect our mental atmosphere. This cosmic force does not discriminate between good and bad, deserving and not deserving. It will create for us anything that we make a part of our beliefs and feelings.

This is why it is important to be cautious of the quality of thoughts we hold in mind. On any given day thousands of ideas, images, suggestions, sights and sounds reach your ears, giving you the opportunity to choose between positive and negative polarities. A person on the spiritual path will strive to entertain only creative thoughts because he knows his habitual thinking influences daily life. Therefore, each day you should take a mental inventory of the attitudes and beliefs you have about money. People often say, "I never win anything", or "I'll never get ahead in life", and they always seem to prove themselves right.

The spoken word has a tremendous vibratory power in it because it calls up mental images and expectancy, which fuel the creative process. When a negative thought relating to money enters your mind, it should be instantly neutralized with an affirmation such as, "I am a prosperous child of the Universe. Money is irresistibly attracted to me." As you go through your day, a host of negative ideas might bombard your thinking from time to time, such as "I'll never get the money I need" and so on. Each time limiting thoughts come to mind, you should reject them by turning to the spiritual reality within, which knows no lack.

The object of repeating affirmations is to recondition the mind and replacing them with positive beliefs and expectancy. Your mind, afterall, is the channel through which your prosperity will flow, so you must provide an uncluttered vessel for the abundance of the Universe to pour into.

The miracle-making power within you is tremendous. Yet, this immense power cannot act without conscious direction. It is like steam or electricity, and it does what it is directed to do. Creating financial miracles in your life is achieved through conscious, daily effort and definiteness of purpose. The following prosperity action plan will serve as a focus of your energy and help you come "in tune" with the abundance around you. This plan has been used by thousands of people around the globe, including myself, to achieve financial abundance. Remember that you cannot cavort over a mystic symbol and cast a magic spell to make yourself rich. It is simply a change of consciousness which will usher in your prosperity.

1. Make a list, in order of importance, of the things and conditions you desire. If you want more money, then be sure to state this clearly. You may want to write, "I want to increase my prosperity by 25%." In doing so you have stated what you wish to attract, but you have not locked yourself into a certain timeframe. By demanding that the Universe deliver your wish by a particular date, you actually hinder the process of manifestation. Your job is to have faith in the process and to maintain belief that you will receive.
2. Think of your desire three times a day: morning, noon and night. Picture yourself with the cash in hand, smiling and feeling wonderful because you have attained your goal. Try to bring your emotional nature into play. Go into an expensive restaurant and sip a cup of coffee while trying to imagine how affluence feels. How would having a million dollars make you feel? Every goal we work on is in a gradual state of manifestation, and by maintaining a rich feeling you encourage the Universe to deliver.
3. Affirm your abundance regularly. Your words are loaded with the creative power to attract any good you desire. Positive, continuous decrees are like sticks of spiritual dynamite which obliterate negative thoughts and make way for constructive beliefs. 4. Be thankful for every prosperity demonstration you attract, no matter how small. By being grateful, you allow yourself to remain connected to the Divine Source of all good which is waiting to answer your needs. Your jackpot awaits you, but you must step forward to claim it in consciousness first. There is no limit to the prosperity you can attain once you have learned to view money from a spiritual standpoint. Nothing stands in the way except fear and doubt. If we change our thoughts, we change our lives. The Buddha clearly understood this when he said, "All that we are is the result of our thinking."

Eddie Coronado is a lottery winner and prosperity workshop leader. He has written many prosperity articles for spiritual magazines in the USA. To contact him for bookings, please page him at (310) 761-7825.

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