I have recently returned from an exciting week, where "dolphin lovers" from around the country, plus crew boarded a boat headed for Bimini in the Bahamas.

This was my first trip on a "live-aboard" dive boat and turned out to be quite an adventure. We arrived with a group of fifteen, plus a crew of six, to find we would be spending the entire next week with two people in each cabin, a space of approximately 6' x 8', and only two bathrooms with showers for everyone.

I must say some of us "first-timers" were more than apprehensive, but everyone seemed to make the necessary adjustments rather quickly, a small inconvenience for the adventure ahead.

Every day was full of fun, sun, great snorkeling, scuba diving, and yes, lots of dolphins! The sealife was incredible and the dolphins came to play -- an indescribable experience swimming with these awesome and intelligent creatures in the middle of the ocean!

I am always amazed at how these groups, regardless of size, many being perfect strangers when the trip begins, quickly bond and become longtime friends.

After such an experience, it is difficult to return to reality, but here I am wrapping up the next issue of Awareness. Enjoy.

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