By Julianna Joyce Perkins

By Christine Maggiore
One of the most frightening thoughts for people today is the fear of contacting AIDS. The fear comes from the knowledge that the HIV virus, highly contagious through blood or sexual contact, leads to the agonizing death sentence of AIDS.

About two years ago our publisher, Darby Davis, held a conference on the topic of AIDS. The roster of speakers were all highly esteemed researchers and medical professionals. They told a very different story than the one supplied by the media. They encouraged people to search for themselves, ask questions, and don't buy the lie.

Christine Maggiore has caught our attention. She an advocate for truth regarding HIV/AIDS, testing and treatment. The founder of HEAL, she works toward helping those diagnosed to take back their lives. Her own experience with HIV positive testing resulted in initially being told that next was illness and death. Since then she has discovered that she was "more than an impending statistic". She found a medical doctor who treated her with compassion, and valued her as an individual. The physician suggested further testing. Since then Christine has tested positive, inconclusive, and negative. This awareness led her on a trek to discover truth. She found a wealth of professionals who had a different story to tell.

This book, now in its third printing, discloses evidence of misstated testing results, invalid statistic, undisclosed warnings regarding certain treatments and facts regarding the HIV and AIDS link ­ or lack thereof. Any person who is search of facts will find a wealth of information in Christineıs book, and would benefit by contacting her organization.

The book is published by HEAL and can be ordered by sending $7.95 plus $1 postage (U.S. only) to HEAL: 11684 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604. For more information, call (213) 896-8260 or visit the HEAL website at


The Twelve Principles for Achieving a Life Beyond Your Dreams
by Joan Gattuso
Known as a spiritual leader in many circles around the world, Joan Gattuso has touched the lives of many people. Her own spiritual journey has led her down a path that most of us long to walk. In her latest book "A Course In Live," she shares with us how she discovered this path and guides in a process that makes the directions to that path both understandable and desirable.

Joan teaches us the power and joy attained by embracing twelve laws of being. With charm and wit, she weaves a mixture of example, precepts, and encouragement that increases in us as we turn each page. I found myself amazed at how the stories were so similar to my own. And that is one of the many beauties of the book ‹ the connection to another, realizing we are not alone.

A Course in Life offers more than hope and pleasant thoughts. It offers an invitation to enjoy life in all its glory.

Published by Penguin Putnam, this book is available at your local bookstore in Hardback - $22.95.


By Paul Wenner
(Creator of the Gardenburger)

Just as the Gardenburger is more than a mash of vegetables formed into a patty, the GARDEN CUISINE is more than a cookbook. If you are truly interested in health, knowledge, good taste and great recipes, then you wonıt be disappointed.

The bottom line is that Paul Wen-ner is interested in health. As a child he was chronically ill with asthma and tuberculosis. In his teens he discovered the relationship between diet and health. Inspired by his tremendous improvement he went on to develop the Gardenburger, now sold in over 35,000 supermarkets and restaurants throughout the world. Paul uses his wit, intelligence and tremendous belief system to impart to us the necessary information to eat healthily, wisely, and with great enjoyment.

Wenner shares some inspirational stories of his quest to convince restaurants about the benefits of adding the Gardenburger to their menus. He examines the various benefits of a diet without meat. Those interested in permanent weight loss will find a personal program for optimal health. In the meal-planning section, you will find daily menus that are realistic to prepare and delicious to consume. He gives workable tips for those traveling or one of the

'letıs do lunch" crowd. The more than 150 recipes include yummy delights like Meditation Sushi, Hungarian Goulash, Spinach and Onion Turnovers, soups, salads, breakfast meals, and satisfying desserts. All are low-fat and healthy.

Published by Fireside Books, this book is available at your local bookstore in Soft Cover - $14.00.


A Spiritual Approach to Money and Work

By Jonathan Robinson
Jonathon Robinson makes sense (and dollars)! This licensed therapist and public speaker has caught the attention of noted personalities like Oprah Winfrey and has been featured on CNN, featured in USA Today and Newsweek, and has written several books. This is a credible person who walks his talk.

Too often books about making money are either dry attempts at conserving, saving and squandering. Others are of the Œname it and claim itı magic wand approach. "Real Wealth" is not in those categories. It stands out as an attitude-changing, life-fulfilling approach to the path of financial and spiritual success. He proves that money and spirit are not mutually exclusive.

Jonathan believes that as you understand your spiritual walk ‹ that thoroughfare lined with teachings, understandings, growth and insight ‹ you begin to recognize self-defeating traits that deprive you of the very things that you truly want. He catalogues some beliefs that are detrimental to achieving both spiritual wealth and physical wealth. Once identified, he explains why these convictions are in reality a set-up to fail instead of succeed.

Then he offers the opportunity to exchange that belief to one that brings quality to our being. An example being the thought that what you currently have is not enough, and that once you achieve a higher goal things will be different. However most people with this belief system find that the more they get, the more they feel Œit's not enough'. As a result they lose out on the enjoyment of their current circumstance and they hinder events that could prove to be enriching.

As an example we learn what prevents us from becoming aware of our weaknesses. Jonathan tells us of four Œblindersı that keep us stuck. Blame, denial, distraction and belief. These blinders crop up where you least expect them. They can go unnoticed for a lifetime. Weıre usually quick to notice them in others, but when it comes to examining ourselves, it's not as easy (denial, may-be?) Have you ever made comments like "but you don't understand", "if only", "when ____ happens, then I can do it", and the all too often used, "I just can't"?

"Real Wealth" offers real answers. Answers that bring wealth to many parts of your being and your existence. The Book of Solomon says to seek wise counsel. In my opinion, Jonathan Robinson is one of those wise counselors.

Published by Hay House, this book is available at your local bookstore in Paperback, $12.95. Also check out their website: .

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