Reversing Cancer Successfully
By Richard Leviton


Physicians at American Metabolic Institute use up to 150 different non-toxic medications and therapies to teach the immune system to eliminate cancer

To successfully reverse cancer, you must teach the patient's immune system how to respond effectively to the cancerous cells, says Geronimo Rubio, M.D., medical director of the American Metabolic Institute. This may sound obvious but when the body has a cancer process underway, clearly the immune system has become dysfunctional and is either unable or has forgotten how to eliminate the foreign cells.

Dr. Rubio administers his 16-bed facility for treating cancer in La Mesa, Mexico, a few miles south of San Diego, California. Typically, patients stay for three to five weeks while they receive treatments from a diverse roster of alternative modalities, from enzymes to special vaccines, oxygen therapy to visualizations, physiotherapy to energy frequencies. Dr. Rubio draws upon 150 different medications in developing his individual treatment plans. American Meta-bolic's small in-patient population enables Dr. Rubio's staff to concentrate their medical attention on patients virtually around the clock.

According to statistics compiled by American Metabolic Institute, based on their clinical work since its founding in 1983, their success rate in reversing stage II and IV cancers is 65% to 75%, but when they are able to work with cancers at an earlier phase of development, such as stages I and II, their reversal rate is about 80%, says Dr. Rubio. "If the patient follows the program, the patient's system will respond favorably to treatment," he adds.

Blood Tests and Diet
American Metabolic performs standard blood tests and CAT scan, MRI, and ultrasound evaluations of each patient as needed. Using a darkfield microscope, Dr. Rubio can examine a sample of the patient's live blood for signs of toxicity and immune dysfunction. A toxic liver, for example, will be indicated by dark specks amidst the living red blood cells under the microscope.

Physicians at American Metabolic are particularly concerned with determining the patient's blood type. That is because the dietary program is coordinated with the patient's specific blood profile.

Dietary Plan
For example, a patient with type O blood needs to eat some meat regularly to build strong blood and may become anemic on a vegetarian diet, says Dr. Rubio. These patients are advised to eat organically raised chicken or shark at least three times weekly. A patient with type A or B blood does not require animal protein and may draw their protein from vegetable sources instead, such as grains and soybeans. "This is a more specific way of prescribing a diet and does not distress the patient with an inappropriate eating plan," Dr. Rubio explains.

If the patient has enough energy reserves, they undergo a three-day limited fast, consuming only fresh vegetable juices, in order to cleanse the body. On day 4, the patient has vegetable broth; on day 5, they start their blood type-specific diet. For patients who have lost too much weight already and must receive some nourishment, nutrients are provided through intravenous infusion during the 3-day fast, explains Dr. Rubio.

Every cancer patient has a body overloaded with toxins derived from foods, previous conventional medical procedures, and the environment, says Dr. Rubio. Hence, American Metabolic places a strong emphasis on detoxifying each patient. In addition, once the immune system is stimulated to start destroying the cancer, the dead cancer cells must be safely removed from the body.

Sources of toxicity often include mercury amalgam dental fillings, says Dr. Rubio. "We find these can leak mercury and diminish the immune system. A patient who has measurable mercury levels in the body must have it removed for the immune system to respond properly." Almost always, this involves the careful removal of all mercury fillings, which American Metabolic handles on site.

Organ Cleansers
Dr. Rubio relies on a series of prepared oral formulas for cleansing different organs. For example, Kidney Rinse combines comfrey, kidney beans, cranberry power, kelp and other natural substances to help flush toxins out of the kidneys. There is also a Colonic Rinse (with bentonite powder, psyllium husk, citrus pectin, diatomaceousearth, and various herbs) and a Liver Rinse.

Patients take Acidophilus (three capsules daily) to recolonize the intestines with "friendly" bacteria. Dr. Rubio also dispenses a preparation called Perfect 7 (an herbal laxative containing plantago and psyllium) to heighten intestinal waste elimination.

American Metabolic administers enemas using shark, bovine, chicken or snake cartilage, often in combination and up to a total of 15g per enema. When these substances are introduced intravenously, the body can handle a dosage of up to 150g, says Dr. Rubio.

Biochemically speaking, a cartilage component called mucopolysaccharide helps block the tumor from growing and spreading. Dr. Rubio prefers the snake cartilage for patients with lymphomas, or cancers of the lymph system. For patients with cancers in their digestive system, such as stomach, pancreas, or colon, Dr. Rubio adds colostrum (mother's milk produced immediately after an infant's birth ‹ in this case, from cows) to the cartilage enema. Enemas containing medicinal extracts of maitake and shitake mushrooms as well as the more standard coffee enema are also used.

Various botanical supplements are given to help cleanse the patient's liver, lungs, skin and intestines, says Dr. Rubio. For example, Cascara sagrada is given for the intestines, while licorice root, lemon, and corn silk are for the kidneys, and pau d'arco helps the immune system. Juices freshly made from celery, lettuce, green pepper, carrot, cactus, pineapple, or beet are taken daily, sometimes hourly. Dr. Rubio also relies on herbs native to Mexico such as cuachalalate and candurango.

Dr. Rubio frequently prescribes digestive enzymes to help remove the protective coating around cancer cells that otherwise enables them to avoid being destroyed by the immune system. In most cancer patients, enzymes required for food digestion are usually deficient, leading both to nutritional shortfalls and intestinal toxicity. Dr. Rubio generally recommends German-made Wobenzym N which contains pancreatin, trypsin, papain, and other key enzymes. A typical dose is two tablets before each meal.

Intravenous Nutrients
Dr. Rubio administers a range of high-dose nutritional supplements and antioxidants such as selenium, zinc, chromium, copper, magnesium, and vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, usually by intravenous infusion. Among these daily nutrients, vitamin A is given at a dosage of 100,000 IU, vitamin C at 150g, and pycnogenol (an antioxidant from Maritime pine bark or grape seed) at 1500mg.

Oxygen Therapy
Research has proven that cancer cells grow best in the absence of oxygen and that oxygen, therefore, is deadline for tumors. Dr. Rubio administers oxygen mixed with germanium (a natural element believed to enhance oxygen supplies) through the patient's nose (three times daily, ten minutes per session) to raise body oxygen levels. Patients receive ozone (a variant of oxygen) through a self-contained ozone chamber, or rectally, often three times daily for up to twenty minutes per session.

A central feature of Dr. Rubio's cancer approach is to culture a special immune-boosting vaccine from the patient's own blood and cancer cells. "All cancer patients need this cancer vaccine because it re-educates the immune system to recognize cancer that previously disguised itself." The nontoxic medications, including herbs, minerals, vitamin, oxygen therapies, and detoxification, all prepare the cancer patient's system for handling the vaccine, Dr. Rubio explains.

First, he extracts a small cell sample of the cancer by needle biopsy and removes the cancer cell coating that blocks recognition by the immune system. Second, Dr. Rubio allows the tumor to grow outside the patient in a laboratory container; then he introduces living white blood cells from the patient into the tumor culture where they coexist for 14-21 days. In the case where a cancer tissue sample cannot be extracted, such as in the brain, Dr. Rubio collects tumor antigens (protein samples of the cancer) from the blood and uses them instead. The goal is to use this small-scale setting to "train" the patient's immune cells to recognize the cancer cells and "learn" how to destroy them. After the culturing process, the white blood cells are extracted and injected back into the patient's body as an immune-building vaccine. As Dr. Rubio explains, "These white blood cells send biochemical 'messages' to the patient's bone marrow (where such cells are made) to stimulate it to produce the same type of immune cells capable of recognizing cancer."

The patients receive the vaccine by injection once weekly for the 3-5 weeks they reside at the hospital. Afterwards, they must return once every three months for a follow-up injection for the next two years, then twice yearly for another three years.

Other Natural Anti-Cancer Agents
Among the 150 anti-cancer medications Dr. Rubio has at his disposal, are concentrated shark liver oil and intravenously delivered laetrile (amygdalin, from apricot kernels). Both have clinically and scientifically proven anticancer effects. Dr. Rubio also uses several innovative medicines including clodronate (dichloro-methylene bisphosphonate) which is especially effective against bone cancer.

Rife Frequency Generator
In the 1930's, American medical inventor Raymond Royal Rife developed a device that could transmit specific electronic signals to deactivate or destroy living organisms such as pathogens, bacteria and cancers. Rife's concept was that if you match the energy signal (frequency or rate of vibration) of a cancer cell, for example, with an electronically transmitted frequency, it will cause the cancer cell to explode from an excess of energy. Dr. Rubio's staff regularly use the Rife generator with their cancer patients.

It is vital to attend to the thoughts and emotions of the cancer patient and to encourage them to develop a strong, positive attitude about their eventual success in reversing cancer, says Dr. Rubio. A staff psychologist works daily with patients in putting their minds creatively to work in dissolving their tumors through guided mental imagery in which they visualize their immune system destroying cancer cells. "This is an important technique and patients who use it respond better to all the other therapies we provide," says Dr. Rubio.

Low-Dose Radiation
"Radiation therapy will not cure the cancer but it will sometimes slow down the process to give us time for the alternative therapies to work," says Dr. Rubio.

Here a very low dose of radiation ‹ typically, 1000 rads compared to a normal protocol of 5000 rads ‹ will encapsulate the tumor. This can be strategically valuable if the tumor is located on a bone and is progressively weakening the bone structure, leaving it prone to fracture, or if it is located in the chest wall or lungs and is putting a life-threatening amount of pressure on vital blood vessels.

Immediately following the low-dose radiation therapy, Dr. Rubio employs several procedures to minimize the otherwise inevitable damage to the immune system. First, a poultice made of fresh raw cabbage is placed at the external site of radiation to draw out the toxins. Second, the patient is immersed in a whole-body bath containing baking soda, sea salt, and ginger to remove radiation from the body.

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