Discovering Your Human Potential
Six of today's leading thinkers share their key insights into the deeper issues of our lives - health, spiritual well being inner space, the ultimate journey. Dr. Deepak Chopra, David Whyte, Thomas Moore, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Stephen R. Covey and Marianne Williamson are brought together for the first time in the video ''The Quest. " The purpose of this gathering is to address the issue of how to become all that we truly are.

To achieve all life holds for us, we must relinquish the illusions and blocks that are bred into us. However, we fear change. Rapid change leads to unpredictability. This unpredictability leads to a lack of control and outlets. Lack of outlets leads to anxiety. For the most part, ego is confused with self esteem. We fail to experience that part of ourselves that is immune to criticism.

To date the behavioral sciences have lacked the element of the spiritual experience. We are all longing for understanding of soul. Institutions and organizations cannot fill our needs. We want our lives back. We want it back in a greater way.

We can change. We can change our attitude towards life. We have choice. If we focus outwardly and desire to give, we will have happiness. If we are here in order to get something, we will never get enough. How we see our life will affect our response to life. Our view of reality is shaped by our deep motivations and desires.

Every aspect of our being is interrelated. All that we do is reflected in all that we are. If we want to gain our life, we must lose who we think we are.

"The Quest" brings a wonderful sampling of the teachings and understanding of people who have shown many the way. It answers many questions. It gives us an intimate glimpse of these very special people.

'The Quest" is available at your local bookstore.


Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
This 30 minute video has a short introduction and genuine heart felt "pep talk" by Bernie Siegel. The video backdrop of scenery is a journey of natural settings. Beautifully photographed hills, valleys, canyons, streams and forest scenes that meld into one another. Gliding through mountain hilltops; valleys, streams and forests with incredibly tall trees and old thick growth.

The accompanying affirmations are gently guided; encouraging you to tap into your inner self and the body's natural healing, regenerative powers. The valuable messages of love, peace, health and happiness prompt you to "live the healing journey within."

This is one of the best affirmation videos I have run across. The affirmations are simple and direct, focused on healing. The project itself is well done. The length is workable enough to do daily if need be, especially if the introduction is eliminated in subsequent viewings.

If one couples these affirmations with a belief in God and attempts to channel God's healing and love, this may end up being a powerful tool for those in need of relief from suffering.

"Affirmations for Living Beyond Cancer" is available at your local

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