This year seems to be just flying by! I know it is only the beginning of July, but since we have to work so far in advance, we are already working on the September/October issue, and also in the process of planning our November/December "Holiday" issue. It's often difficult to remember and to enjoy the summer when our thoughts are so far ahead.

I must thank Marty Scott Gray from Laguna Beach for his truly awesome art work featured on the cover of this issue. Mary has contributed to Awareness in the past, however I really think this is my all-time favorite.

This issue is really jammed with a tremendous variety of articles, which include several new writers and also introduce some new regular columns. Jenny T. Liu, who has written for us in the past, will now be contributing a bi-monthly column on Feng Shui. And "Uplifting Films", film reviews from husband-wife team of Diana Oestreich and Elliot Landy, will be a regular addition.

I continue to receive avalanches of incredibly well-written and interesting articles; I only wish they could all be included. However, as our advertising base grows, we will be able to publish more pages, and include many more of these wonderful contributions from our Awareness readers.

Even though it is a few months away, we are already accepting editorial copy, books and CD's for review, and advertising for the Nov/Dec "Holiday" issue which will again feature "Angels". This was an extremely popular issue last year, so don't miss out! for deadlines, call Awareness.

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Darby Davis

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