Researcher-author Jesse Anson Dawn, 52, speaks out from the pages of his widely-selling book, "Never Old: The Ultimate Success Story" about a most stiring subject: how and why we age.

Presently answering the Question: "Why is communication so important a factor in how and why we age?"

Dear Reader,
Aaah, communication, communication, communication, that's what it's really all about, isn't it. And why else does a newborn-babe invariably begin life with an unignorable wail? Hence, expanding our communication seems to be our original and most natural quest. But why, as we fulfill this inborn urge of sharing our thoughts, is there so often a ponderous blockage, this increasingly pervasive treadmill which wants to keep our minds and mouths shut, convincing us that asking questions is the habit of someone "strange" or "unsportsmanlike" or "out of line?"

Convincing us that voicing our opinion is a symptom of someone - intent on "rocking the boat" or "making waves" convincing us to watch rather than read convincing us to stay strictly to the shy and retiring "good old" shallow side. Or maybe convincing us that having our say might label us as a "Smart Alec" or a "wiseguy" or a "busybody", as if what we really "should" be is dumb as shoe leather (which may be the main reason they're giving Hillary Clinton such a hard time, because she's "supposed" to be old and dumb, a voiceless manikin-type like Nancy Reagan or Pat Nixon but for heavensakes certainly not a "smarty pants"). Good gosh, a creatively youthful and thinking First Lady, whoever heard of such a thing?!

But should we let the destructive vs. creative game cause us to give up the good ground we've gained by allowing our thinking to rejuvenate? Should we fall prey to the [Net-worthink] program-ploy that makes us afraid to walk out the door into the "Battleground" where ohmygolly there are "butchers" and "maniacs" still on the loose?!

"Spare the Earth, stay home, don't travel," said Morley Safer on the "60 Minutes" show whereby even this informative and well-meaning program can't help but be a part and parcel of the [non-reading illiteracy] disease, making us more conditioned to sitting home gaping at an endless array of junk products parading across a screen, afraid even to go outside where we'd be beyond the grip of TubeView product-push.

Communication with others? With ourselves? Personal rejuvenation? So many are finding it an ordeal, something like trying to dance or make love at a sports event. Okay, sure, avid "competitors" are fun to watch,

Free and open communication? Nowadays even the medical profession has changed the standard term "germs" to a more politically suggestive "free radicals", as if even our body is supposed to join the neo-conservative "Revolution" to remove freedom (i.e. "weirdness") both from the medical profession and society at large, hence the Eternally Established Medical Profession can again stamp out any liberation allowed by freely "radical" alternative thinking. After all, any kind of "free radical" just might become too adept at communicating the truth to the [herd] of endlessly Patient "patients" being rustled into hospitals by the millions daily rustled into paying $100,000+ for chemotherapy or a bone marrow transplant or a surgical bypass.

Hell, nowadays cancer "curing" has become such a billion-dollar racket that NBC News announced that even the notoriously mafioso Gambino brothers (Carlo Gambino, etc.) have opened up a chemotherapy bone marrow transplant clinic in New York! Hmm, maybe Carlo is thinking: "Yo, $100,000 a customer. Hey, that makes even Caesar's Palace seem like a popsicle stand." And does it ever.

But of course the only way we can transcend being hustled by the Medi- Racket syndicate is by deepening our communication with our body, learning what mind power can really do, and learning to implicitly KNOW and TRUST what our mind can do to renew the body. Knowing my mind and trusting in its powers of inner-communication is surely what has been keeping me young and healthy all these 52 years. And it's the same growing belief in mind power that will keep me exploring the journey of self-renewal.

So until my next Never "Old" column, when we'll get further into this, happy journeys of YOUthfulness, dear reader, and as ever (and ever) happy rejuvenating!*

*For the whole "anti-aging"story, Jesse Dawn 's 258-page book, Never "Old" (nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and winner of the National Association of Independent Publishers Award for Content) can be quickly received by charge card. Simply call World Changing Books at their toll-free number l (800) RENEW -22 (736-3922) or send a check for $11.95 (includes book, lst class postage and handling) made out to World Changing Books and sent to them at P.0. Box 5491, Hilo, HI 96720.

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