"Modern" science is now acknowledging what has been known for centuries that health and wellness are intrinsically related to thoughts and emotions. That mysterious power of mind/body connection is seen in documented demonstrations of instantaneous healings; in the amazing abilities for voluntary control of "involuntary" bodily functions by the yogis of the east; in westerners who have experienced various primitive arts" such as firewalking, and more.

This "magic" of mind/body communication is now recognized in quantum medicine due largely to the recent discoveries of neurotransmitters. Deepak Chopra, MD, has said "You can use the quantum perspective to see your body as a silent flow of intelligence, a constant bubbling up of impulses that create, control, and become your physical body. The secret of life at this level is that every- thing in your body can be changed with the flick of an intention." He writes eloquently in his book "Quantum Healing" about the existence and activity of these masterful bio-communicators which essentially convert mental and emotional messages into chemical activity and reactions within the body-mind.

Prior to identifying neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, it was thought that all activity was electrical-cal in nature impulses jumping across synapses at lightning speed to carry information to various parts of the body. Because of the discovery of neurotransmitters (which form the "on-line" communication network between every cell in the physical body), and the exciting, ongoing research into the roles of these master communicators, we have entered a time in history when science can now measure and identify this powerful activity which was previously recognized only in philosophical, religious or mythical realms.

"MindBody Magic" where will it take us? Like the hundredth monkey, the more of us who become aware of the pure possibility, this pure potential, and then allow ourselves to participate in the process, the more we will advance as a people and as a planet.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I have been privileged to witness the "magic" not only in my own life, but also with so many of my clients. Cynthia (age 39) used the mind/Body techniques to grow taller; many clients have reproportioned their bodies (increased bustline measurements and/or successfully reduced weight and reshaped); pain becomes manageable or eliminated completely, the relaxed imagery used in hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in boosting the immune system, easing pre or post-operative stress or discomfort which in turn can accelerate the healing process. Relieving stress and creating a new perspective is not only life enhancing, it can be life changing!

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "The greatest thing in this life is not so much where we are at any one given moment . . . but the direction in which we are moving." Here is a simple exercise to practice which will allow you to focus your energy by simply breathing in a relaxing, de-stressing way (realize there are many ways to breathe, and many "systems" of breathing this is one of the simplest):

This simple restful-alertness exercise gives rise to alpha-wave patterns that some call meditation, hypnosis daydreaming, or altered-state. Whatever you call it, it connects with the quantum level where the wonderful mind/body communication takes place in relaxed harmony. You can experience the reality of Dr. Chopra's words for yourself, When the mind is peaceful, inner energies wake up and work miracles for us without any conscious effort on our part." Why not begin now to refresh and renew yourself with the amazing power of your own mind/body connection? As you become more focused and aligned, you find your energies are no longer dispersed or dissipated like the light of a flashlight which spreads out and becomes weaker; instead, your energies are more like a laser beam, focused and sharp, a straight and constant light moving in the direction of your choice toward health, happiness and peace of mind.

Using your relaxed, focused energies in this way can bring wonderful and seemingly magical benefits for children and adults in areas such as learning, body image, sports proficiency, habit change, wellness, sleep- ing patterns, and on and on! Your power of focus and intention can be reawakened at any time to dissolve obsolete programming and create new miracles in your life. Do it today do it for yourself do it for life!

"Our cells are constantly eaves-dropping on our thoughts and being changed by them," DR. Chopra tells us. Doesn't it just make sense that learning to gently focus mind/body energies for health, healing, happiness, vitality and well-being is perhaps the most necessary enhancement we can add to our modern lifestyles. The rewards are there for the reaping. Ex- perience the "magic" for yourself.

Susan Stevenson, DCH(c) is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Spiritual Counselor. Currently residing in Melbourne, Australia, Dr. Susan offers uplifting programs for individuals, groups and businesses, as well as workshops and audio tapes on a variety of life enhancing topics.  For information on any programs, you may contact Dr. Susan by e-mail at: SusanDCH@aol.com.au 

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